All The Clues From Episode 9 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2022

For the first time this season, all remaining masks performed together in a showstopping number, plus one more celebrity was revealed!

With just four masks remaining, we're inching closer and closer to the grand finale and discovering which celebrities have been hiding behind the masks all along.

Abbie, Mel B and Chrissie have been doing their homework and, so far, have been able to correctly guess a handful of masks before they were revealed. Hughesy is also doing his best, bless him, and can use all the help he can get.

Speaking of help, here are all the clues, hints and guesses from Episode 9 of The Masked Singer Australia.


The dancing disco diva blew the roof off with her performance tonight, but in her clues, we saw Mirrorball getting her mugshot snapped.  Then, she was transported to a fantasy world, with a beautiful castle in the background and two birds flitting around her which, after landing in her hands, exploded. Mirrorball also stood next to a sign pointing off screen that said "Happiness", but she walked in the opposite direction.

Clues: Once upon a time you wouldn't pick me in a line-up, that was my lowest time. I want to scream but who would hear me? I don't have two wicked stepsisters, maybe one? And that's why it's hard keeping up with my friends. You think a Mirrorball lives a glamorous life, it might look that way but I've also had nothing. But that only lasted four weeks.

Song: "Fantasy" by Earth, Wind & Fire

Guesses: Samantha Jade, Hilary Duff, Fergie, Keri Russell


He's not just a snappy dresser, he's also an absolute vocal powerhouse and the panel love it every time Snapdragon performs. In the clues, Snapdragon was seen standing next to what looked like the Palace of Westminster which was flying nine Union Jack flags. And while that might sound like flag overkill, Snappy was then seen standing in a garden, before two more Union Jack flags appeared on either side of him, before one flagpole snapped. Then, standing on a snowy mountain, a plane flew past Snapdragon with a Filipino flag on one engine.

Clues: I have friends in high places. There are so many varieties of Snapdragons, 52 at last count, but they don't all look like me. I could tell you it's all politics. Gold is hard to come by, it was easier 16 years ago. I'm Snapdragon, and the mask isn't coming off tonight!

Song: "Valerie" by Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse

Guesses: James Blunt, Sheldon Riley, Hosier, Kevin Jonas,


He rules the and keeps the panel in stitches, but during his clues, Rooster was seen once again standing in front of a Matrix-like background. Then, as two bodyguards dirty danced beside him, Rooster pointed to a blackboard that read "How to write a play" listing five acts below the heading. Then, it appeared Rooster was moving into a house, with one bodyguard carrying a box full of belongings and another holding a sign that read "Who'll get the house in the divorce".

Clues: My past and future look different, but my reality was always the same. In life, I've never stopped trying new things. I'm always searching for the next challenge, the next big adventure. Here we are at number four, it's a good number... not a great number, but there'll be another home in the future. A big home!

Song: "Beneath Your Beautiful" by Labrinth

Guesses: Robbie Williams, Rami Malek, Hugh Sheridan, Glenn Robbins


The always glamorous Microphone doesn't need any help getting her voice heard, but in the clues we saw a doctor checking her heart, shaking his head before ushering her to walk into the ocean.  Microphone was then sitting in a smoky room next to two bodyguards, one of which held a sign that read "1999 seen but not heard". Then, Microphone was near a small rural-looking church, holding a large silver star, she stopped next to a car that had "Hopemobile" written on its side. Finally, after a bodyguard passionately played the piano, Microphone offered him some "Myhrr", before we saw that the music he was playing was titled "Cancelled".

Clues: This competition doesn't scare me, I've outlasted others before, I know I have the heart for it. Despite what people say, I am not an only child! Hopes and prayers are great, I love 'em, but sometimes throwin' a bit of cash at a problem can help too. Microphones are incredibly versatile. A lead singer uses one, so does a backup singer. A dancer? Not as much. I'm Microphone and I will outlast the others!

Song: "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey

Guesses: Brandy, Michelle Williams, LeToya Luckett, Cyndi Lauper

The Masked Singer Australia airs Sunday - Wednesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand