All The Clues From Episode 7 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2022

For the first time this season all our remaining masks came together, and another famous face was revealed.

After an amazing group performance, we got to see another of our masks take it off, showing the super secret celebrity that had been hiding all along.

We also got a peek at what some of our masks have been posting on their social media, giving us an added hint to their super secret identity.

As always, we collected the clues, hints and guesses to help you along the way to figuring out who’s hiding under our fabulous masks!


Our shining queen of the stage was seen holding a megaphone, shouting golden tunes over her bodyguards, before standing in front of a Kiwi flag, Big Ben and a picture of Audrey Hepburn while swearing her Mirrorball face off. Later, framed photos of Robin Williams and Robin Gibb were shown as well as a poster for Bizet’s Carmen running for ‘three weeks only’ while Mirrorball stirred a large pot with a ladle she revealed had a tube of lipstick stuck to it.

Clues: When you’re a Mirrorball you like to shine out, well I do. I want to make myself loud and clear. I’m loved less in my own **** country and around the **** world and I don’t **** care what you think. They say too many cooks spoil the broth, but I like to stir the pot. Do I move like Jagger? You can be the judge, I’ll wait. I’m Mirrorball, and tonight I’m gonna dazzle you!

Song: “Levitating” by Dua Lipa

Social Media Post: Friends, I discovered the best new lipstick. The whole range is glamorous and sparkly, just like me! And I can tell you guilt-free that this lipstick will make your own mother run right back to you!

Guesses: Samantha Jade, Vera Blue, Lorde, Nicole Richie


Our fave snack was seen being handed a letter addressed to Jean-Luc Picard whose name transformed into Pizza Hut, as well as one addressed to Elton John. Then, holding a beaker, Popcorn exploded! Sitting next to a signed photo of Kylie Minogue, Popcorn held up a VHS tape titled “The Paris Years”. Finally, Popcorn was seen partying on a beach alongside a bodyguard holding up a boombox.

Clues: Life can take a Popcorn through some weird twists and turns. As we say in our family, the popcorn doesn’t fall far from the kernel, but science is some kind of voodoo. I give my words to famous people, and after they leave me they’re changed for the better! This paradise is my happy place, I always return here and I love to dance. Dancing has taken me all around the world. I’m Popcorn and I’m hot enough to pop!

Song: “Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland

Social Media Post: Hey gang, it’s awards season and I’m going totally glam this year. Gaga will be so jealous because it’s all veggies for me!

Guesses: Bruno Mars, Sam Sparro, Ne-Yo,


Once again Blowfly was seen next to the flag of Lebanon, vacuuming the floor while a bodyguard played with a toy helicopter next to a bright blue pepperoni pizza. Then, Blowfly was walking down a road with a suitcase that said ‘Mars or Bust’, while a moving van called ‘Trustworthy Man Removals’ drove by while two angels rode on top of the truck.

Clues: I’m Blowfly and I’ve delivered faster than any bloke in history. I’m not afraid of hard work, although I’ve never cleaned up before. I’ve got the drive, but I’ve been scarred by my celebrity, but that doesn’t scare me, just don’t call me spineless. Blowflies know how to move around, looking for the best life following the path of garlands. I’m Blowfly and I’m going to deliver again tonight!

Song: “Stay” by The Kid Laroi

Social Media Post: You know I’m as woke as the next Blowfly but I just don't like Martians, they come here in their spaceships and cause heaps of trouble so we’re going to march this weekend at the Stop the Martians march. I hear Tom Cruise might be there!

Guesses: Dave Faulkner, Dave Gleeson, Shannon Noll


Snapdragon stood between the Australian flag and the Filipino flag, while two framed photos of Freddie Mercury sat on a table in front of them. Standing on top of the world, Snapdragon was then seen waterskiing next to a bodyguard wearing a mask. Snapdragon also rolled three dice, all of which landed on five, while one bodyguard held a photo of Don Bradman and another held a large blue shell.

Clues: I’m Snapdragon, Snapdragons aren’t really from any one nation but I do have a fondness for a certain member of royalty. We do have something in common. I have travelled the world but was too late for the winter Olympics, they ski differently where I grew up. Is that you, Madii? Great mask! Snapdragons know life is a chance, you have to be in it to win it. You do what you have to do to get your face out there… or not. I’m Snapdragon and by George, I’m going to win The Masked Singer!

Song: “Strong” by London Grammar

Guesses: Sheldon Riley, Calum Scott, George Ezra, Benny Andersson


Our newest mask was seen getting her tarot cards read, with three cards being turned over to reveal the Wheel of Fortune, Judgement, and the Hermit. Posing in front of Notre Dame with two bodyguards like Charlie’s Angels, Microphone then watched two other bodyguards wrestling before finally standing in front of a screen full of speech bubbles that said “YES”.

Clues: I’m the Microphone but I haven’t always needed a microphone myself. I was not the first to do what I did, but I was the most successful. I needed to please others first to get my opportunity. There are great opportunities to be sought on my own. I never do what’s expected, why wait until the end of your career to do the thing you love? Climbing the ladder is tough, you have to fight for what you want. Get nasty, but not fierce! One, two three… you’re out! Will I win The Masked Singer? I say yes!

Song: “Heroes” by Alesso & Tove Lo

Guesses: Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Carmen Electra, Michelle Williams


Rooster was given a carton of eggs with just seven eggs inside, then giving a lesson Rooster pointed at a series of words: naughtiness, scandal, turpitude, opprobrium and gossip. A bodyguard also held up a ring after the lesson. Then, holding up binoculars, Rooster looked to the skies as the shadow of a helicopter flew across a full moon. Finally, Rooster stood in front of a blackboard that had a photo of Liza Minelli and a map of Nepal on it.

Clues: As a Rooster I rule this roost, and there’s room for everyone. I’m so scandalous I should open a school, of course when I was at school I learned not to be a sickling. Most Roosters crow at daybreak however I do a lot of mine at night, but not by candlelight. As a Rooster, do I have rivals? Only in my family, and we know how untamed they are. I’m Rooster and I won’t be laying an egg tonight.

Song: “Pure Imagination” by Gene Wilder

Guesses: Hugh Sheridan, Anthony Warlow, Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman

The Masked Singer Australia airs Sunday - Wednesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand.