Reno For Profit: Top Five Transformations

With over 110 renovations under her belt, Cherie Barber shows everyday Australians how to renovate in a cost effective way through her Living Room segment, Reno For Profit

Using her expertise, Cherie has shared her tips and tricks to show that with the right knowledge you can achieve great success in your DIY renovations without blowing your budget.

Check out some of her best renos from Season 7…

Reno For Profit: ApartmentSeason 7 Episode 5  

Champagne Renovation on a Beer Budget

In Season 7’s first Reno For Profit, Cherie transformed an entire apartment on a budget of only $5000.

Cherie performed a simple cosmetic renovation to present a uniform and visually cohesive apartment when selling. In addition, Cherie aimed to create extra storage in multiple ways to hide clutter and increase the sense of space. By updating the paint and colour, she also injected more personality into the apartment.

See the Reno For Profit: Apartment factsheet for more information

Reno For Profit: Colyton BathroomSeason 7 Episode 28  

How to Make a Property Valuer go… WOW! 

Cherie Barber shares her 101 tips of how to project manage your very own bathroom renovations to save money by transforming a bathroom struck in the 70’s on a budget.

Sometimes finding your design and inspiration for a bathroom can be difficult. No time to fret, Cherie is to the rescue with a complete demolition of the bathroom creating a clean plate to start fresh.

See the Reno For Profit: Colyton Bathroom factsheet for more information 

Reno For Profit: Colyton Whole House - Season 7 Episode 15 & Episode 16  

Using Under 10% of the Property Value To Reno An Entire House 

Going back to basics the first step was to render the entire outside of the house, adding in a porch, a white picket fence, some greenery and a general tidy up of the front yard. 

In addition, doing a simple Reno’s in the Kitchen can add value to your property. Simply adding a splash back, pantry and installing an off the shelf bench top. 

See the Reno For Profit: Whole House and Granny Flat factsheet for more information 

Reno For Profit: Colyton KitchenSeason 7 Episode 18   

Affordable And Easy Kitchen Transformation 

Maximising space in the kitchen can be very important and it can be as simple as adding seating and creating more bench room. An affordable white bench top could be installed to make the illusion that the room is larger. 

Cherie added a stand out blue cabinet with modern handles to add more depth to the space. Check out Cherie’s step by step process for renovating a kitchen 

See the Reno For Profit: Colyton Kitchen factsheet for more information 

Reno For Profit: Two Bedroom Apartment Croydon Park - Season 7 Episode 36  

Full Apartment Reno For Under $20,000 

Cherie Barber helps a newlywed couple transform their dated two bedroom apartment into something much more modern through cosmetic rejuvenation and installation of a new kitchen for under $20,000. 

Not only did Cherie help the owners add close to $100 to their weekly rent, but the renovation added $40,000 to the property valuation. 

See the Reno For Profit: Two Bedroom Apartment Croydon Park factsheet for more information 

Special Mention 

Reno For Profit: Botany Heritage House – Season 7 Episode 24 

Making A Heritage House Modern 

Who can forget when Cherie tackled a $10,000 renovation on a turn-of-the-century, double fronted workman's cottage that was in need of a serious revamp. Heritage houses are notorious for being difficult to renovate, so to transform it in such a spectacular way and with a limited budget was an impressive feat. 

With only a limited budget, Cherie focused on a purely cosmetic refresh only, focusing on the bigger areas in the house that added value. 

See the Reno For Profit: Botany Heritage House factsheet for more information 

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