All The Clues From Episode 3 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2023

An absolutely beautiful reveal shocked the guessing panel once again after our first Masked duel lit up the stage!

Two of our masked secret celebrities went head-to-head (or, in this case, Fairy to Avocado) in a singing duel to save their spot in the competition. And though we said farewell to our adorable Avo, we also got another incredible reveal.

As for the rest of the masks, here are all the clues we picked up on to hint at the famous face hiding underneath. Think you’re any closer to cracking the case?


We’re doing death drops for Grim Reaper, but did the clues get you any closer to their hidden identity? During the clue package this week, Grim Reaper wandered through a graveyard, before holding up a newspaper that had the headline: Life is full of precious moments. Any ideas?

CLUES: Last time I left the panel spooked with my performance, they tried my best to peak under my hood… What offering will I bring for them tonight?

Sorry, but it took me a while to wake up. Okay, let me say this; I’m the one who makes decisions about who stays and who goes. Please, don’t take it personal. You know, I know what it’s like to be on the edge, but I’m more mature now. I think I’ve got it together. The way I dress is quite the throwback, like something from another era… but how long ago? You know, I escort the souls of the dead, so I understand if I’m not popular. I get it, but that’s the gig.

SONG: Unholy - Sam Smith and Kim Petras

GUESSES: Conrad Sewell, Jermaine Jackson, Harry Connick Jr, Tim Rogers


Once again some of the guessing panel were convinced that Space Fairy could have flown in from a reality TV show planet thanks to some of her clues. Is that why she was seen looking into a mirror? And if you looked really closely, did you notice an orca above Space Fairy’s reflection? What’s that about?

CLUES: My first mission on planet Masked Singer was a success, but I don’t know what planet the panel were on with their guesses.

In my time on Earth, I’ve learned you can’t get on with everyone, especially when you don’t ‘meet’ their expectations. Silly sausages. Some people will swallow anything when forced to, especially when the experts make the match. I guess we all have our cross to bear. Still, joy is my middle name. Of course, I’m not always happy, I’ve shed many tear drops. It’s tough living in two worlds. When you see me, do you see the real me? I don’t mind, as long as you don’t make stuff up. You can save the lies, you have no right to be wrong about me.

SONG: Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley

GUESSES: Joss Stone, Jesy Nelson, Linda Womack, Mary J Blige


Cow Girl is really milking some of these clues, and we think she might be trying to lead us down the garden path. Once again Cow Girl made a few references to spices, this time Ground Ginger, but Mel B wasn’t sold on it being one of her former bandmates. And that wouldn’t explain why Cow Girl was also seen holding a picture of cricketer Ian Healy.

CLUES: I got what I wanted during my last performance, a Spice Girl’s seal of approval, but this panel’s got to giddy up with their guesses.

What’s it like to be a Cow Girl? It’s enjoying the things that make life spicy, but it’s not following the herd and I’m not a toy, you know? I’m not battery-powered. Well, I was once. Oh my, my, my. You know, I wouldn’t call myself a sore loser… or a sore winner! But I’m always sunny. And another thing, I’m a lover but maybe I don’t have enough gravity to succeed. Maybe I should travel abroad to be the real me.

SONG: Flowers - Miley Cyrus

GUESSES: Kristin Chenoweth, Denise Drysdale, Sarah McLeod, Jessica Simpson


Our third celebrity to be revealed, were you able to crack the clues as to who Bad Avocado was underneath that adorable mask? Standing at a checkout, Bad Avocado was in front of a register that read $00.00… which is pretty cheap for avocados!

CLUES: On the outside, I might have seen better days but my singing was ripe! The panel’s guesses, however, were all bad.

You know, us Avocados react badly to being bashed all the time, I really don’t do well crying in the shadows. Actually, people enjoy their time in the sun because they like a bit of brown… Not bits of brown. I’m not a model Avocado, obviously, but I’m in good shape whether you like it or not. I’m keeping it real! Could I have a career as a singing avocado? Is that where my aim is?

SONG: Yellow - Coldplay

GUESSES: Jacqui Lambie, Michelle Payne, Alyssa Healy, Pettifleur Berenger

The Masked Singer Australia continues Mondays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play