Woman's Weekly Swimming Pool Cake

  • Steps
  • Ingredients


  • Make cake according to direction on packet, spoon evenly into greased deep 20cm round take tin
  • Bake in moderate oven 50 minutes or until cooked when tested
  • Turn cake on to wire rack to cool
  • Make up jelly as directed on packet, refrigerate until it is set
  • Trim top of cake so that it is flat. Cut around top about 1cm in from edge to represent wall of swimming pool
  • Using small sharp knife, hollow out center of cake, as shown, to 2.5cm deep to form a recess for the jelly
  • Spread sides and edge of cake with chocolate Vienna cream
  • Arrange chocolate biscuit sticks evenly around cake, leaving an opening of about 5cm
  • Use musk sticks and licorice to make ladder
  • Mash set jelly with fork. Spoon into the recess of the cake to represent water
  • Paint stripes of food coloring on to small round sweets to present beach balls. Small dolls can be pushed through Jube rings to represent children in rubber floats
  • Spread a little cream on the heads of dolls, dip in green sprinkles (these represent bathing caps)
  • Bathing suits can be painted on dolls with nail polish
  • Rubber mattress is made from jelly snakes trimmed to about 5cm and joined with a little chocolate cream
  • Add paper umbrella

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