The Bachelor Australia 2021: Jimmy Nicholson Picks Holly Kingston

The grand finale of The Bachelor Australia saw Jimmy Nicholson profess his love for Holly Kingston.

In a stunning Ceremony in Alice Springs, Jimmy spoke about how “falling in love with Holly is definitely one of the easiest things I’ve ever done”. 

The pair have had a steady connection throughout the season, and any bumps in the road were quickly ironed out. The ease of their time together through the past few weeks culminated in an emotional speech from Jimmy where he spoke about how he sees his future with Holly. 

“You make anything we do incredible, and you light up any room you’re in,” he told her during the finale. “For me, love is getting home from a tough day of work together and cooking, it’s me leaving a note on your pillow when I know I’m not going to be there when I get home. 

“It’s having a fight, making up and growing from it and I can’t wait to experience all of these things with you... Hol, I want you to know that I am in love with you, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for both of us.” 

Chatting to 10 play following the grand finale, Holly admitted that she had “absolutely no idea” which way Jimmy would go. 

“You always think watching the show that the guy definitely would know and the girls would have an indication... I was completely torn, I did not know which direction he was going to go, so there were definitely a few tears on the way,” Holly admitted. 

“At the same time, after three months of filming, you get to this stage where you just need to know the outcome. You just need to know where his head’s at because it’s so emotionally draining. 

“When I walked up to Jimmy that night he still had tears in his eyes after having to see Brooke go through that heartbreak and I saw those tears in his eyes and I was like oh sh*t. It was pretty intense going into it, but it all worked out in the end,” she said.  

After the finale, Holly and Jimmy spoke about their excitement to finally do the little things together. 

“I think we’re both so excited to walk down the street and get a coffee to be honest,” Holly said, laughing. 

“That’s what I was going to say,” Jimmy agreed, “because we essentially went straight to dates that you’d normally have date like six, seven, eight. We just want to do date one, two and three which is a walk down the street and have a coffee.” 

“We’re very excited to just be normal again to be honest,” Holly added. 

Watching the show back has been an interesting experience for the couple who admitted it’s been difficult at times to see some of the drama play out.  

“Surprisingly I was actually alright watching Jimmy snog several other girls,” Holly said, laughing. “He’s been awesome, calling me in ad breaks and giving me reassurance or telling me to look away when I definitely will not be looking away from the screen. 

“It’s been nice to see those first moments and everything that eventuates, I’m actually kind of sad that we won’t be able to watch it anymore,” she added. 

Having to keep their relationship so hush-hush while the series aired, Jimmy stumbled as he said, “I am so lucky that Hol’s been so rock solid... this is the first time I’ve actually said her name [in an interview] which feels quite weird so bear with me!  

“It could be such a difficult pressure on a relationship, watching it all back,” Jimmy continued, “watching me on other dates it’s not an ideal situation for a new relationship... she’s been rock-solid, hasn’t let anything get to her when it comes to all that stuff, and it just makes it easier for me.” 

Though the pair haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time together following the finale, Jimmy was excited for the time when the couple would no longer have to hide. 

“We’ve put so much on hold and we’ve waited so long that an extra couple of hours here or there is not really the end of the world for us,” he said, “and then she won’t be able to get rid of me! We’ve got the rest of our lives.” 

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