The Bachelors 2023: Meet The Bachelors Of Season 11

Get to know Luke, Wes and Ben ahead of the premiere of Season 11 of The Bachelors Australia!

Premiering on Sunday, December 3 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play, Season 11 of The Bachelors will introduce us to three brand-new men looking for the woman of their dreams.

Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman are each on a journey to find The One, standing side-by-side as they meet 24 eligible bachelorettes each vying for the hearts of these handsome suitors. Before we see their love stories unfold, we wanted to find out more about our three Bachies.

This year, with Osher Günsberg at the helm once more, the Bachelor Mansion has been transported to Melbourne where Wes, Ben and Luke will embark on what’s been called the most romantic season yet!

International model Ben has built a successful career for himself, but now he’s looking for that special someone to share that life with and go on adventures together, sharing his passions for the environment and sustainability.

Brazilian bombshell Wes moved to Australia to study theology, and while in the past he has struggled to move past the initial dating phases, he’s looking for someone who shares his values to create a lasting connection.

Lastly, former NRL player Luke is a country charmer with a heart of gold. The lovable lumberjack is looking for a partner who wants to walk side-by-side with him on a journey of resilience as they create a family together and hopefully raise future footy stars of their very own.

Get to know the boys better ahead of the premiere of The Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 11:

How would you describe yourself in five words or less?

Luke: Cheeky, honest, reliable, kind, funny.

Ben: Genuine, respectful, ambitious, humble, down-to-earth

Wes: Dreamer, people-lover, adventurous, genuine, and generous.

What made you want to be one of the next Bachelors?

Wes: Over the last nine years living in this country, I’ve had the honour to experience so much of its beautiful nature and people (as well as its biggest love language; banter!). Now, I hope to show Australia some of the Brazilian passion, warmth, and liveliness.

Ben: I just moved back to Australia after living overseas since the age of 19, I would love to share my life with someone and feel I have a lot of love to give, but I have a busy lifestyle which sometimes can prohibit me from being out and about to meet someone naturally, and when I am out, I’d rather focus and spend time with my friends who I’ve been away from for so long. I decided to accept the offer and throw myself into the show, try to be myself, open-minded, and be cautiously optimistic that perhaps I might meet someone who feels the same way and is ready to roll the dice with me and enter into a long-term relationship.

The fact it was being filmed in Melbourne, close to my family, was what made me feel most comfortable that this was the right move at the right time.

Luke: I have my life in such a great position, but I’ve definitely realised over the past 12 months that the one thing I am really lacking in it is a significant other to share it with.

Why do you think you’re still single?

Luke: A combination of a lack of energy invested in the dating department and that my work takes me away from potential relationships before they can really gain any momentum.

Wes: When it comes to romantic relationships I’ve always played [it] very safe for a few different reasons. I didn’t want to hurt or lead anyone on, I was trying to always do the right thing, [and] I didn’t want to give women another example to believe that men are players and untrustworthy. That all led me to have a quasi-non-existent dating life.

After some therapy, I realised that it’s impossible to avoid risks in relationships because risk-taking is precisely what you need to do to open yourself up to someone. So here I am now, doing it scared but ready to go all in.

Ben: Timing is everything when it comes to relationships. Mentally two people need to be in the same frame of mind at the same time and open to committing to a relationship. Sometimes I’ve been ready to commit to a girl, and she hasn’t, and sometimes it’s been the other way around. Not being open to being in a relationship at any point in time can be for any number of reasons. That’s why I think The Bachelor will be great, as everyone will hopefully be in the same frame of mind and open to all possibilities.

What are you looking for in a future partner?

Ben: I’m looking for the ultimate plus one. Someone I can confidently be with anywhere, anytime under any circumstance, whether it be with friends, or family, or strangers. Someone who lights up the room when they smile.

Wes: I’m looking for someone that is enough of a dreamer to dare doing some impossible things, and yet fun enough to be able to laugh at herself and not take life too seriously. Someone that loves her family, that loves people, that lights up a room, that can turn small moments into something special. Someone that is ready to live for something bigger than herself. I want someone that I can change the world with… or at least try.

Luke: The perfect partner to me is someone who accepts imperfection and is the person who I know I can always count on and laugh with no matter what life is dishing up. Also, someone who values their health and wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Do you have any relationship dealbreakers?

Luke: A person who isn’t willing to put in the effort to grow personally and who lacks emotional quotient.

Ben: Being rude, nasty, or mean, and scrolling through your phone on a date.

Wes: Family is really important to me. I love those big, messy, and loud Christmas gatherings. I love Sunday lunches together. I love sharing moments with the ones you love the most. I also love Jesus. He inspired my life in more ways than I can count, gave me a sense of purpose and a passion to serve others. So, I would find it hard to see myself with someone that doesn’t share those values.

Describe your perfect date:

Wes: I love making simple moments special. Yes, spending a day walking around Paris, having the best croissants at nice cafés sounds incredible, and I’m all up for it. But staying at home on a rainy day, cooking a nice pasta and having a wine rewatching a feel-good rom com can be just as perfect.

Luke: Anything that involves a gorgeous view and a sunset.

Ben: I love spontaneity so; the perfect date is a spontaneous one that starts slow and never ends.

Lastly, what’s one thing you want Australia to know about you?

Ben: I’m here for the right reasons and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I'm ready to open myself up to meeting kind and genuine women. At the end of the day, I’m here to find someone special to spend the rest of my life with.

Wes: That I’m incredibly grateful to be here. I mean it. Since I was 16, I dreamed of living here and I can honestly say that Australia is one of the best things that has happened in my life. Being on the Bachelor is my love letter to Brazil and Australia.

Luke: My favourite pastime is reading books with a good cuppa handy.

The Bachelors Australia premieres Sunday, 3 December at 7:30pm On 10 And 10 Play