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Salted Coconut Panna Cotta

Serves 4
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  • For the Panna cotta, place coconut cream, coconut milk and milk into a small saucepan and set over low heat. Add the sugar and salt and stir until both are dissolved. Remove from heat, add gelatine and stir until dissolved. Place the mixture into an ice bath and leave it to cool down. Once cool, pour into panna cotta moulds, filling the moulds until ¾ full. Place the panna cotta moulds in fridge until set.
  • For the Macadamia Praline, place macadamia nuts on a paper lined tray. Place sugar into a small frypan and place over medium heat. When the edges start to turn a light caramel colour swirl pan a little, being careful not to over stir. Once sugar is a light coloured caramel, pour over the top of macadamias and set aside to cool. Once cool, transfer to a food processor and blitz to a fine crumb. Transfer the praline to a bowl and set aside until serving.
  • For the Mango Couli, place mango in a small food processor. Add lime juice and icing sugar and process until smooth. Transfer to a squeeze bottle and set aside in the fridge until serving.
  • For the Mango Cubes, peel and slice the mango into 5mm cubes. Set aside, in a bowl until serving.
  • To serve, place some warm water into a small bowl. Place a Panna cotta mould in the water until just loosened around the edges, about 30 seconds. Working quickly, invert the mould onto a serving plate then create a circle around the Panacotta with the Macadamia Praline. Repeat with remaining Panna cotta and Praline. Squeeze 7 dots of Mango Couli around the Panna cotta and then arrange Mango Cubes on the side. Garnish with edible flowers.

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