MasterChef Family Update: Andy and Ben from Series 4

The boys are back, and ready to Eat the World

Ten is thrilled to welcome Andy Allen, the youngest ever winner of MasterChef Australia, and his best mate, MasterChef finalist Ben Milbourne, back to the silver screen this July. Andy & Ben Eat The World is the boys’ debut television series that tracks their gastronomical and cultural adventures through Mexico, Spain and Portugal.

Launching on TEN at 4.00 Saturday July 18, this five-part series will see the television adaption of the hugely successful web series Andy & Ben Do Mexico, combined with the first look at their recent travels through Spain and Portugal. A true labour of love, the series was two years in the making with travels through Mexico shot in October 2013, and Spain and Portugal in 2014. To bring the series together, Andy and Ben recently filmed part of the series in Sydney to reflect on their travels together.

Andy & Ben Eat The World follows the release of Andy’s first official website,, and comes after the announcement of the web series Andy & Ben Do Mexico making official selection in Melbourne Web Fest 2015. Ben’s own cooking show, Ben’s Menu, is about to start it’s second season on TEN.

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