Age: 29

Occupation: Doctor

State: Victoria

Tribe: Asatoa

Always underestimated by her work colleagues and patients because of her age and gender, Tessa is highly intelligent and ready to compete.

Studying to become a doctor, Tessa worked under high-pressure conditions while attending lectures and studying to pass her physician’s exam. She is now one of the youngest doctors at her work.

Tessa’s youthful looks have meant patients and colleagues do not always think she knows what she is doing – but do not be fooled.

“I am quite used to people looking at me and thinking I am too young to be doing the job that I am doing, but I do it well. I do not make many mistakes. I know what I am doing,” she said.

Tessa’s strategy is to form an all-girls alliance and to work her magic when their backs are turned.

“Hopefully I am too small and blonde for the other survivors on the island to realise it, but I will work behind-the-scenes to play them against each other.

“They will not want to mess with me. When I am annoyed, I tend to have a quiet simmer. I then go out to get revenge and they will not see me coming.”

Tessa wants to win Australian Survivor for her family, especially her mum, and she does not feel any guilt about her strategy.

“I do not think that heroes go far in this game. People who say they are playing with honesty and integrity are infuriating. It is a game, it is not real life.”