Age: 30

Occupation: Mining Technician

State: Western Australia

Tribe: Asatoa

Luke may be a joker but he takes some things very seriously, including his family, his job and reality television.

“I am a reality television binge watcher, I watch everything. I get into the shows with the missus like Real Housewives and The Bachelor Australia. I make up for it by watching Australian Survivor. Last year’s series was too tame though, we need more players this year,” he said.

“But the last challenge with Lee, El and Kristie was pure guts so if I get to do anything like that, it would be incredible.”

After initially applying for the show as a joke, Luke was pumped to find out he was going to the island, thinking it would be “nice to go on a little holiday for a while”.

A drilling operator in a Western Australian mine, Luke has recently taken on a desk job to spend more time at home with his adored two sons and wife, Mary.

After growing up with a difficult home life, Luke appreciates his family and wants to make them proud.

“I want to be a positive role model and think it will be great for myself, my boys, my wife and family to look back on. “If I win, I would spend the money taking the family to Disneyland then donate the rest to my home ownership fund.”

Already fit, Luke has been training harder to get ready for the physical aspects of the show and working out his strategic moves.

“I will play the nice social game and be friends with everyone as I don’t want to be the first to go. I could get along with the devil if I had to. Nothing is off the table when it comes to how much I will do to win the game. I’m a joker, I do stuff for a laugh, but I still play hard and want to win this.”

While he is ready for what the game throws at him, Luke has already survived a dangerous situation. “The most dangerous thing that has happened to me lately was when I put the colours in with the whites in the washing machine and I had to avoid my wife for the day.”