Age: 32

Occupation: Barrel Racer

State: Queensland

Tribe: Asatoa

Mum of three Tara is a barrel racer from Queensland, which involves her racing her two horses around a course. The job requires serious manoeuvring and concentration.

Tara says work is “her adrenalin”, but she has vowed that she will not be letting her fellow tribe mates know what she likes to get up to away from home.

“Once I say I have three children and that I am a stay-at-home mum, they will judge me as someone with a little apron on. I am not that. I’m a friggin’ barrel racer.”

Currently studying full-time for an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Education majoring in Drama and History, Tara wants to prove that she is much more than just a stay-at-home mum.

“I am not going to spend this much time away from my family for the experience. I am here to win it,” she said.

“My boys sometimes think girls cannot do much so I want to show them that we can.” Tara’s strategy is to find someone to attach herself to and then when the time is right, she will turn on them. She is not afraid to burn people to get ahead in the game.

“I want to find someone and be like besties. Do everything together, do each other’s hair and then I will turn on them.

“The island is going to need some personality, fun, entertainment and drama – I am the perfect person for the job.”