Age: 29

Occupation: Wedding DJ

State: South Australia

Tribe: Asaga

Wedding DJ and self-confessed reality television devotee, Aaron is ready to take on Australian Survivor and knows that sitting around idly is not the way to play. “I want to win and you can’t win unless you make big moves.

I want to put into action some of the plays that I have been a fan of for years from watching the show, at least I hope to.

“I love how complex the game is and how many different layers of strategy there are to get to the end. I love that when you get to the end, you have to convince the people you voted out to vote for you to win,” he said.

A mad sports fan, Aaron has been with his partner Bec for three years and tears up when thinking about their relationship. Aaron wants to make Bec and his parents proud and hopes to win so that he can buy them some luxuries and put money towards setting up his future family life.

After applying for series one of Australian Survivor, Aaron knew he had to try again for the second season.

“Ever since I started watching the US version, I have wanted to be on it. The minute the Aussie version started, I knew I needed to get on it. Last year was great and I was gunning for Evan, Nick and Phoebe as I thought they were real players and people I wanted to see do well.”

Aaron used to be a fence installer and he believes his experience working in the heat and lifting heavy objects for up to 12 hours a day will prepare him well for island life. He has been training daily including weights, core training, balance and lots of swimming, which he admits is his physical weakness.

Using some “loose” morals to play the game, his biggest fear is coming second.

“I don’t want to be here for the experience, I want to win.”

AK is also seen in Season 5 (All Stars) of Australian Survivor.