‘The Traitors Saw Me As A Threat’: Anjelica Explains Why She Thinks She Was The First Faithful Murdered

Almost immediately after the Traitors were selected, one Faithful was chosen to be taken out of the game.

Given the first opportunity to murder a Faithful, the three recently chosen Traitors — Ash, Sam, and Blake — made the decision to murder Anjelica.

“I had a feeling that I would be murdered but not the FIRST murder,” Anjelica told 10 Play. “I knew I wouldn’t leave the mansion by way of banishment because I know my people skills would have kept me on side with my fellow Faithfuls.

“However, I think my trustworthiness was my fatal flaw - literally. I knew all the tea, not because I asked but because people openly would offload their thoughts and plans about the game to me,” she continued. “I’m like Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth.”

The reigning Miss International Australia didn’t have much of a chance to suss out her fellow players before the Traitors snuffed out her candle and sent her packing.

“I think the Traitors saw me as a threat and wanted to make the others wonder, ‘Why Anjelica?’ I wasn’t the talk of the town, and it wouldn’t shine a light on any people who were amongst the names of potential traitors,” she explained.

And she was spot-on. The Traitors knew that the first murder of the season would set the tone, and they could choose to take out someone big and loud to stir up trouble, or pick someone completely unexpected to throw a major spanner in the works.

Though she didn’t have much time to strategise and suss out the rest of the players, Anjelica already had three suspects in mind. “I genuinely thought Gyton, Corinne and Paul were Traitors because they were so kind to me during the cocktail party,” she said, adding, “after the Traitors selection, they seemed more reserved in their interactions with me.

“One moment we were sipping cocktails in Rodger’s lounge room and the next we were entering this dark room with a round table with masks laid out for each of us! It was eerie seeing all of our names lined up with our respective masks,” she said. “It was from that moment on, we were in game zone and no longer friendly strangers.”

As a fan of the first season, the corporate lawyer said her competitive, assertive and analytical nature was what inspired her to check into the manor for Season 2.

“It was fun seeing all the different thought processes of everyday Aussies and their approaches on Traitor hunting, or manipulating vulnerable Faithfuls,” she added. “It will be interesting to watch the rest of my season unfold.

“I also wanted to join in the hopes of winning the end prize so I could give it all to my mum,” Anjelica explained. “She works double shifts, six days a week, and the prize money would have helped her immensely.

Devastated that her game came to an end before it even got to begin, Anjelica wanted Australia to see that an honest game could lead to a win, much like how she wins in the court room.

“In a game like The Traitors, it is about strategy, deception but also a little bit of chance,” she explained. “Although, I withheld a little truth about being a lawyer, I have no regrets and would have played the game exactly the same.

“Good luck to the rest of my fellow Faithfuls, I’m hoping you can avenge my murder!”

The Traitors Australia continues Monday and Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play