'No Time To Coast In Season 2': Rodger Corser Promises Even Higher Stakes In The Traitors Australia

"Don’t be surprised if your best mate turns around and stabs you in the back, because that’s the name of the game… Trust no one."

After taking over the world, the critically acclaimed series The Traitors Australia returns with a brand new cast. This year, a handful of familiar faces will be thrown into the mix as 20 players attempt to find the Traitors hiding within the group... but can they find them all before it's too late?

Watching over this very deadly game is the dashing host, Rodger Corser, who gets a front-row seat to witness all the gory drama throughout.

"Compared to last year where it was all a bit new, not everyone knew what the show was or what the game was," Rodger told 10 Play. "Even the contestants... they've had a chance now to see Season 1 and the international versions as well to really know what it is."

On top of that, a handful of the players this season are reality TV veterans with the likes of Luke Toki, Ash Pollard, and Hannah Ferrier in the mix. Joining them are other notable faces like content creator Ian Zaro, actor Gyton Grantley, pro wrestler Simone Williams, and shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder. But in the world of The Traitors, a larger profile could also mean a larger target on your back.

"I think the gameplay definitely stepped up this year. People knew what to expect, they had strategies," Rodger said.

"Letting the super bright stars make a lot of noise and burn out quickly and play the long game is definitely one," he added before warning, "Being too quiet, too under the radar, I think works against you as well. I don't think people like when players aren't engaging and they're using an excuse to not have an opinion. 'I'm still making my mind up' gets you Banished pretty quickly in this game because you're not helping anyone else," he said.

"A smart player has a combination of both -- make sure you have some opinions, but make sure you attach it to something you heard from someone else. Keep yourself out of the main firing line."

One change this season sees players split into two teams during challenges where they can win silver bars to add to the prize pool. That doesn't just mean a second snazzy colour of tracksuit, but whichever team wins the challenge has the opportunity to win a shield that will protect them from the next murder by the traitors.

"There's no time to coast in Season 2," Rodger said, adding that in the first season, some players had the opportunity to ease off during challenges and quite literally let their fellow players do the heavy lifting.

"Now there's personal jeopardy and gain, out of every challenge someone's going to win a shield that saves them from murder that night, so you need to get in the top half of everyone competing to give yourself a chance."

As for the intense Banishment ceremonies that see alliances crumble and the boldest blindsided, Rodger promises this season doesn't hold back.

"Remember, this game is all about deception and lies. It's called The Traitors," he said. "Don't be surprised if your best mate turns around and stabs you in the back because that's the name of the game. Trust no one."

With two seasons under his belt, Rodger said one of the questions he's asked most often is how he'd fare as a player, rather than the devious host of the series and if he'd be able to go all the way.

"I always say probably not," he laughed. "It's a long time to keep up a façade and, not only that, I think I'd get thrown out pretty early.

"Those Banishments are intense! You've got to be a pretty level-headed person to cop accusations from up to a dozen people at a time... it's hard not to take it personally and as character assassination," Rodger continued.

"Actors can be pretty fickle, that's why we try not to read our own reviews (even though we do) because you can be hurt by one review! It takes a tough person with a thick skin."

The Traitors premieres Sunday, August 13 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play