‘My Goose Is Cooked’: Lewis Reveals The Moment He Knew His Game Was Up

“I was playing checkers, those girls were playing chess.”

Making it to the final four of The Traitors is nothing to shrug at, but Lewis had an unimaginable fight on his hands. Having dodged suspicion for the last few banishment ceremonies, Lewis was face-to-face with two Traitors and a very confused Craig.

The two remaining Faithful players couldn’t seem to get on the same page, while the treacherous Traitors did their best work yet. It wasn’t until it was far too late that Lewis even realised there were multiple Traitors walking into the final banishment ceremonies.

“There was no way I was ever going to consider there were multiple Traitors left,” he told 10 play. “Walking into that banishment room I had Alex’s name in my head, but the way those girls were able to swing and manipulate and sway your attention in a particular way.

“I think I was the only person to write Craig’s name down throughout the whole series and that’s just a testament to how good these girls are because no one thought Craig was going to be a Traitor, but they still convinced me to put his name down,” he added.

After scrambling to get votes on his side ahead of the banishment, Lewis later overheard as Alex and Kate took Craig aside and the trio all agreed they would vote for Lewis.

“It hurt, yeah it really hurt,” he said thinking back to the moment, “seeing all three sort of standing around and shaking hands together I was like, yeah my goose is cooked.

“I still went down and did my Braveheart speech and put it all out on the line because I wasn’t going to leave anything in the tank. But yeah, at that point it was pretty hard to stand up and fight for who I was but I gave it a crack.

“I can’t believe I made it that far because I was playing checkers and these girls were playing chess,” Lewis said, laughing. “I must have been doing something right to get to the top four but, yeah, they were playing a different game to what I was. I was just happy to make it that far.”

Watching the series back, Lewis had no idea just how often his name was being thrown around in contention for banishment. Even when he won the shield that protected him from banishment and murder, Lewis had no idea just how much of a target was on his back.

“Winning the shield was the highlight of the whole series for me, but to be watching it back and seeing how much it actually saved me and kept me in was just that extra cherry on top,” he admitted.

Despite just narrowly missing out on the prize pool of $250,000 Lewis said if he had his time over again he likely wouldn’t change a thing.

“If I was to go back and change the way I was playing it would draw different attention to me, and it might have put me under the bus or put my head on the chopping block earlier,” he said.

“I mean, it’s pretty easy to sit back and go ‘I’m perfect’ but I wouldn’t change a thing… I mean, if I won would have been nice, but it was bloody awesome,” he said, laughing.

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