The Traitors 2023: Meet The Full Cast

It's almost time for us to return to TV's deadliest game... think you can spot the Traitors among these faces?

Twenty players will once again move into a mysterious manor to play a very dangerous game. Among these Faithful lie Traitors willing to lie, cheat and steal their way towards a prize pool of $250,000.

If a Traitor can remain undetected and make it all the way to the end of the game, the cash is theirs... but can the Faithful sniff out their deception and unmask the Traitors before it's too late?

The game of midnight murders, brutal banishments, and thrilling twists is back and all under the watchful eye of the most deliciously dapper host Rodger Corser.

The Traitors premieres Sunday, August 13 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play. Let's meet our 20 players for Season 2:

Anjelica, Lawyer, NSW

Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2 Anjelica

Describing herself as "the brunette version of Elle Woods", Anjelica is the ultimate Legally Blonde: a corporate lawyer by day and pageant queen by night. As the reigning Miss International Australia, Anjelica has represented Australia at international pageants and now is ready to take on the challenge of The Traitors.

While she loves the world of pageantry, it's her work in law that really gives her a buzz, and she'll be bringing that intensity to the game. "I very much love the adrenaline you get when you step foot into that courtroom," she said. "As soon as I walk in, it's game face and performance and you don't finish that performance until the judge stamps that gavel."

Annabel, Customer Success Manager, VIC

Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2 Annabel

"I'm like a chihuahua," Annabel said, "you hear me before you see me but also if you mess with me... I'll bite your face off."

The Australian Survivor fan may love the thrill of the game, but her motivation to win comes in the form of another breed of dog: her toy poodle Puffy Fluffykins.

"Last year, I suffered a devastating loss," she explained. "Puffy Fluffykins developed a taste for exquisite fabrics and destroyed my entire cashmere sweater collection. The prize money will go a long way in repairing the broken trust, and perhaps even providing Puffs with some cashmere sweaters of his own."

Ash, Reality Star, VIC

Ash Pollard Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

While Ash may be very familiar with reality TV, it's the lying required for The Traitors that she may struggle to get on board with. "I despise lying, as a general rule," she admitted. "White lies I feel are okay. You know, the white lies you tell your kids, white lies if you're trying to set up a surprise party.

"Lying on The Traitors I can understand and I think I may be doing a lot of that... I will do whatever it takes to win, if that means lie every single day, then I'll do it." The radio personality has appeared on My Kitchen Rules, Dancing with the Stars, and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, and now she has her sights set on winning The Traitors.

Blake, Beers Sales Manager, VIC

Blake Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

With an addiction to board games, Blake's hoping to merge his strategic prowess with his "cheeky, double-dimpled smile". "Hopefully I can strategise and play the game to the fullest that gets me to the end," he added.

With a knack for problem-solving, Blake also hopes to put his people skills to the test in the hopes of winning the prize pool to look after his mum who was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease. In the past, my Mum would enjoy coming along to live stand-up shows that I’d be a part of," he explained.

"I know being on this would be something she’d enjoy watching. I’d love to make her proud."

Camille, Former Federal Agent, ACT

Camille Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

While Camille may have spent 17 years as a Federal Agent working in drug importations, fraud, money laundering, people smuggling, and personal protection, to her fellow players she'll be a Japanese tour guide.

Now a stay-at-home mum, Camille said, "My life now looks like a busy mum of three kids, school lunches, pick-ups, drop-offs, walking the dog, picking up dog poo." Can Camille use the skills from her former career to unmask the Traitors, or will she need those skills to hide herself?

Corinne, Nurse/Cattle Station Owner, QLD

Corinne Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

For Corinne, age is nothing but a number and definitely doesn't define her. The 61-year-old may be one of the oldest heading into the manor this season, but as a nurse and a cattle station owner, she's used to hard work and pushing herself.

"I think all my experience has given me a resilience and a good bullshit detector," she added. "I can relax amongst the chaos but not be chaos myself. I don't think I'm going to have problems working out who's not honest."

Elias, Insurance Disputes Manager, NSW

Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2 Elias erlias

"I don't want anyone to know I'm educated and highly intelligent," Elias admitted. "I want them to think I'm just a social media influencer who is there to have a good time... I do want to keep a secret that I have a double degree in finance and marketing and corporate strategy."

As a compliance and dispute manager, Elias is used to trying to get the truth out of people and hopes to use his skills as a human lie detector within the game. But he's also very keen to be tapped as one of the Traitors, even if it does mean having to lie to his fellow players. "I'm very blunt and direct," he explained, "I hate beating around the bush and would use that to influence people when I need to."

Gloria, Disability Support Worker, VIC

Gloria Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

Growing up in Kenya, part-time model and Disability Support Worker Gloria wants to win the prize pool to help buy her parents a new house, knowing what they sacrificed to move her family to Australia over a decade ago.

"It's very interesting for me to be in this game because, as a Christian, we try not to lie -- but this is a game of lying and just knowing it's a game it'll be okay. I know God understands." Knowing that she'll be playing against some very intimidating foes, Gloria hopes the others underestimate her. "To all the professionals, the psychologists, the criminal justice lawyers, anyone who thinks they have an advantage in this game, I'm coming for you.

"You will be beaten by a disability support worker."

Gyton, Actor, VIC

Gyton underbelly actor Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

"I'm an actor so people will probably assume I'm very good at lying, but I see being an actor as trying to find the truth in things," Underbelly star Gyton admitted. "Hopefully people can trust me. I don't know if it will help or hinder me, it's a catch-22."

A big fan of strategy games, Gyton is keen to get stuck into the gameplay, and regardless of if he's chosen as a Traitor or remains a Faithful, he hopes that the skills he's picked up as an award-winning actor will come in handy.

Hannah, Former Below Deck Chief Stew, NSW

Hannah Ferrier below deck med Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

No stranger to reality TV, Below Deck Mediterranean star, Hannah is very used to dealing with difficult customers, providing five-star service working as Chief Stew on superyachts. Knowing how to give people exactly what they want and with a smile, Hannah also hopes that The Traitors shows a different side to her.

And while she's ready to play the game, Hannah needs to remember her husband's words of advice. "I'm worried I might talk too much which could be my downfall," she admitted. "I need to remember what my husband told me -- not everything that goes in your head needs to come out of your mouth."

Ian, Content Creator, QLD

Ian Zaro Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

With a following of over 2 million fans, Ian is a natural entertainer and is hoping that his ability to embody characters and make people laugh will be exactly what he needs to disarm his fellow Faithful and give him the upper hand.

"I feel like with content these days, it's always the stereotypical beautiful person who seems to have their life in order," he said. "I wanted to be different and I'm random, I'm having fun and it's also been fun to be one of the OG Indigenous creators in Australia as well."

Keith, Former Undercover Cop, VIC

Keith Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

"I'm not telling anybody of my past as a cop because the Traitors would immediately look at me as a threat," Keith said. Having spent over 20 years as a cop across tactical operations, hostage negotiation and time undercover, the highly decorated ex-police officer plans to keep his cards close to his chest.

"I would rather be the retired corporate executive, the older guy who has lived a life that's a bit boring and sit in the middle," he added. While he's got all the skills needed to become an expert Traitor hunter, Keith just needs to watch out for his one weakness. "I just love people and I'm a people person so I need to draw on that experience and those training courses to overcome that."

Liam, Apprentice Electrician, TAS

Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2 liam

Growing up in a small town in Tasmania, Liam is definitely excited about all aspects of The Traitors experience, including the accommodation. "I've never stayed in a five-star hotel in my life so going in here I'm going to go into my room and just be so excited," he said. "I might steal the soap, some of those shampoo samples, that's all going in the luggage."

And while security will be keeping a sharp eye on Liam's luggage, the apprentice electrician is hoping his gift of the gab allows him to get far in the game, hoping to be something of an underdog. "Being on the work site, I’ve learned a lot about what not to say and what to say. So I think coming here, they’ll think he’s just a young, dumb guy but I’m not. I’m good at solving problems and puzzles and I think it’ll help me in the game."

Luke, Survivor All Star, WA

Luke toki survivor Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

"Stabbing people in the back? That's my bread and butter," Luke joked. First appearing on screens across the country on Australian Survivor, Luke quickly became a fan favourite with his effortless charm and his chaotic gameplay. "I want to get in there and make as many friends as possible to get people on my side and to stick with me," he said, adding, "If you look at me funny, I'm going to vote you out."

When Luke returned for his second season of Survivor, the entire country was behind him for the win and, after a brutal vote out, a Go Fund Me campaign was started, hailing him as the best player and raising as much as the prize money he missed out on. "The support I got and the donations my family received, that changed my life. It was something I'll never take for granted and was just the icing on the cake from the whole experience."

Paeden, Graphic Designer, SA

Paeden Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

Paeden loves strategy games, so being able to have the full Traitors experience is like a dream come true. "I've played these games my whole life, I know what it takes to win," he said. "It's a balance of deception, social politics and relationship management. Coming in with a game mindset lets me go in with nothing to lose. I don't need more friends, I have plenty at home."

The graphic designer also has absolutely no time for people who want to play an honest game. "If you signed up to play a show called The Traitors and have some sort of moral compass and want to talk down on those playing the best game pretending it's against your ethics... you are an out-and-out moron."

Paul, Shark Attack Survivor, LA

Paul de gelder shark attack sydney harbour Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

After surviving a bull shark attack in Sydney Harbour in 2009, former elite soldier Paul looks back at the incident which saw him lose his entire right hand and hamstring of his right leg as a "pretty bad way to start the day".

"Fortunately for me, I don't have flashbacks or nightmares or hold onto things like that," he continued. "I've been through enough in my life to realise that was just another chapter and life goes on. I also have that dark military humour and Aussie humour so I take the positive and found it catapulted me into knowing more about myself."

Now a published author, motivational speaker and TV host, Paul is hoping that his profile doesn't put him too much in the spotlight when it comes to The Traitors. "I don't need to be the leader, I can be the follower. I can fit into any scenario and sometimes you just have to shut off your emotions, and I'm very good at that."

Roha, Luxury Fashion, WA

Roha Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

A self-taught dancer and creative director for a dance studio, Roha also works in luxury fashion so he'll be bringing the glam to every banishment, and plans to use his eye for fashion as an advantage. "I can spot an untrustworthy person if they wear all-black shoes with white socks. That is a fashion no-no! Do not come at me if you are wearing black shoes and white socks. It's giving school kid."

As a dancer and performer, Roha will be using body language as a tool to read others in the manor. "If I'm a Faithful, Traitors this is a message for you: you better sleep with one eye open because I'm watching your every move, every outfit, everything you say. I'm coming for you."

Sam, Marketing Consultant, QLD

Sam Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

Travelling the world for his work, Sam is used to changing up his style based on who he's working for -- a skill he hopes will come in handy during The Traitors. "I work with so many different brands and businesses, so I have to change my character seven times a day from being a fitness person to selling garden equipment," he explained.

But don't let the charm fool you, Sam is crossing his fingers that he gets to lean into his more devious side and play as a Traitor. "I have a really good game face, I'm just gonna be nice and pleasant, but when it really comes down to the crunch I know what I need to do."

Sarah, Clinical Psychotherapist, SA

Sarah Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

As a clinical psychotherapist and having worked within the prison system, Sarah plans to keep her career under wraps and will instead create a fake job to mislead her fellow players. "I don't want them to know I can sniff out crap," she admitted. "When people meet me, they either love me and my energy or other people think I'm too much. I need to be playing myself but a little bit vanilla."

Hoping to use her professional prowess to sniff out any BS, Sarah's "spidey senses" will come in handy when attempting to unmask the Traitors. But she's

Simone, Professional Wrestler, LA

Simone Princess Aussie Traitors Cast 2023 Season 2

More commonly known by her professional wrestling sobriquet, Princess Aussie, Simone has been wrestling for five years which has kept her on her toes. "Everyone's coming for your spot, it's never safe, you have to be on your game so I feel that will help me here because I won't take anything on face value.

"Although I'm really looking forward to meeting a lot of people and making some cool friends, my eyes are on the prize," she continued. "I'm going to make the moves I need in order for me to win."

The Traitors premieres Sunday, August 13 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play