‘Out Of Thin Air’: Corinne Becomes The First Faithful Banished

In the first Banishment ceremony of the season, Corinne was blindsided when a ‘herd instinct’ took over the group.

A fan of the first season, the nurse and cattle station owner knew what to expect when the game began. “I’m good at reading cattle and thought, how difficult could it be to read a herd of humans? But, unfortunately, they were all very much individuals,” Corinne told 10 Play adding, “each of them was a difficult analysis in their own right.”

During the first episode, host Rodger Corser selected the three Traitors, Ash, Blake, and Sam, and set them loose within the group, watching on as suspicions took hold and accusations began flying almost immediately. Corinne said the whole selection was awesome and exciting. Not picked as one of the traitors, the 61-year-old said she was “Relieved and saddened at the same time. It was a confusing feeling.”

Soon after the selection, the drama started brewing between Sarah, Paeden, and Elias — as rumours began to swirl that Paeden had been telling the group he believed Elias to be one of the Traitors.

“The only drama I heard was regarding Sarah and Paeden,” Corinne said, adding, “I didn’t become overly involved myself. Sitting on the couch alongside me was Annabel who first brought up Sarah’s name.

“She was the one bringing up the drama about Sarah and Paeden. Annabel had put the target on Sarah I believe at that moment.”

But in a shock move during the Banishment ceremony, Annabel came to Sarah’s defence, having painted a massive target on her own back, Annabel said she had made herself accidentally look more innocent by playing a messy game.

Annabel then turned her attention to Corinne, calling her out for attempting to play too far under the radar.

“My name, I felt, did come out of thin air all thanks to Annabel,” Corinne admitted. “With her reflection rant she singlehandedly had the table turn on me.”

There was only one voice at the table who refused to believe Corinne could be a Traitor — ironically one of the only three people in the group who 100 percent would know the true identity of the Traitors — Sam. From Corinne’s perspective, it appeared as if Sam had used his “country boy instincts” to defend her.

“I did try to say I was not a Traitor, but they had already decided. I realised at that moment that most were just guessing! They went with the herd instinct,” she added.

Standing in front of the group after they had voted to Banish her, Corinne got to be the first player of the season to reveal that she was, indeed, Faithful.

“That moment was absolute gold for me,” she said. “I thought, you pack of dumb bastards! You just guessed and you put no effort into trying to find out properly what I actually was.”

Despite having her game cut short by the group’s vote, Corinne admitted that she wouldn’t change a thing about how she played the game.

“I played as an individual and made my own assessments. I’m comfortable with my performance. My wild ride is over, I enjoyed every second playing the game.”

The Traitors Australia continues Monday and Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play