The Masked Singer Australia 2023: Meet The Masks

Australia's favourite musical mystery is back with a brand-new cast of incredible masks, and some very famous faces hiding behind them!

Get your detective hats ready because it's almost time for another season of madness, mayhem and masks when The Masked Singer returns on Monday, September 11 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play!

Our all-star guessing panel returns for another season to help crack the case and try to figure out which celebrities are hiding behind spectacular costumes and ornate masks. Mel B, Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield will use their pop culture prowess, using cryptic clues and hints to figure out which performers are in front of them... and, as always, Dave Hughes will try his best.

Promising the most surprising reveal ever, let's meet our brand-new masks! And don't forget to check-in for all the clues and reveals as the season airs!

Bad Avocado

The Masked Singer S5 - Bad Avocado

We can't wait to Avo go at guessing which celeb will be this cheeky Avocado. Bad to the core, will this rebellious rocker's true identity catch the guessing panel off guard, or will its ego be bruised when they figure out who's hiding under the mask?


The Masked Singer Australia S5 - Bluebottle

Will Bluebottle sting-- er, we mean sing their way to the finale, or could they be the most surprising reveal yet? We can't wait to sea just who is hiding under this fabulous fit.


The Masked Singer Australia S5 - Bouncer

Could Bouncer be a rock and roll star, or do you think they prefer hop music? We'll soon find out when this massive marsupial bounces onto the stage. Will you be roo-ting for Bouncer to take it off, or do you think you know the voice behind the mask?

Cow Girl

The Masked Singer Australia S5 - Cow Girl

She's got those Moo-ves like Jagger, and a swagger that will make you udderly adore Cow Girl, but can this country star milk the mystery for long enough to make it to the finale? Or will our guessing panel be having déjà-moo once they hear our crooning cow's moosic?

Crash Test Dummy

The Masked Singer Australia S5 - Crash Test Dummy

Sometimes the cryptic clues can make us feel like real dummies, and this year we won't be alone! Crash Test Dummy is ready to take the stage. Let's just hope there won't be any accidents when we start shouting, "Take it off!"


The Masked Singer Australia S5 - Fawn

Oh deer, we're in love with the fabulous Fawn, but can you figure out who is hiding behind the mask? We can't wait to watch her dasher, dancer and prancer across the stage, but will this Bambi baffle the guessing panel or will they call Bullwinkle on her true identity?

Grim Reaper

The Masked Singer Australia S5 - Grim Reaper

With a voice to die for, Grim Reaper will have the whole crowd screaming! As they're killing it up on stage, we'll be living our best lives trying to crack the mystery of their hidden identity, but while we're combing through the clues will our brush with death get us any closer to finding out who's behind the mask?

Snow Fox

The Masked Singer Australia S5 - Snow Fox

There's snow business like show business and snowbody knows that better than Snow Fox! The glamorous canine will warm your heart when they start to sing, but will their voice be familiar or leave you out in the cold?

Space Fairy

The Masked Singer Australia S5 - Space Fairy

There's no denying that Space Fairy's voice will be out of this world, the glittering glamour bot will be orbiting the stage and much like Saturn their voice may have a familiar ring to it, but can you guess which star is behind the mask?


The Masked Singer Australia S5 - Tiny

This adorable mon-star may be Tiny by name, but their enormous stage presence will have an enormous impact when they start to sing. Can you figure out who this adorable creature could be, or will they have you scratching your noggin' all the way to the finale?

Think you know who's hiding under the mask? Don't miss the new season of The Masked Singer Australia when it premieres Monday, September 11 on 10 and 10 Play!