The Masked Singer Australia 2022: Mirrorball Unmasked As The Winner Of Season 4

In a shocking twist, Dave Hughes finally correctly identified one of the masks, and it was this year’s winner: Mirrorball.

Former Pussycat Dolls member Melody Thornton was revealed on Sunday night’s grand finale to have been the disco diva, Mirrorball. After almost eluding the guesses of the judges for the entire season, Melody’s identity was guessed by Hughesy after he had heard Mel B suggest Mirrorball could have been her former bandmate, Nicole Scherzinger.

Melody Thornton - The Masked Singer Australia

Standing alongside Snapdragon and Rooster in the grand finale, Mirrorball sang one last incredible disco delight, proving once again that she was the ultimate performer.

Our three fearless finalists first took to the stage together to perform Katy Perry’s “Firework” the stage exploded with anticipation, with the panel knowing soon the three final celebrities would be unmasked, and one would be crowned winner of this season of The Masked Singer Australia.

With Rooster revealed first as Hugh Sheridan, and Snapdragon as Sheldon Riley, it was all down to Melody’s big reveal, to the absolute delight of the panel, celebrating an amazing winner — and Hughesy’s first proper guess all season.

Melody also praised the panel for their constant positive feedback saying, “It was just so nice to just have lovely comments and encouragement… to bring this character alive more and more. It made me safer and safer.”

Becoming Mirrorball, Melody said, “It brought me closer to myself, as weird as that sounds” and allowed her to battle feelings of self-doubt she had struggled with.

“I wanted to know if some of the things I was telling myself were true because people are voting for you - they don’t know it’s you,” she explained.

“You just want to be sure you’re still doing a good job and, yeah, you sing because you want other people to be inspired to sing.”

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