Every Clue You Missed From Episode 7 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2021

With the semi-final just around the corner, all the remaining masks performed once again.

The six celebrities remaining each performed another song and with that also provided our guessing panel with a handful of more clues.

Are you any closer to figuring out who’s left behind the mask? Here are all the clues for Dolly, Vampire, Lightning, Mullet and Kebab from Episode 7 of The Masked Singer Australia.


Seen looking into a mirror once again, Dolly’s bodyguards could be seen weighing books - including one with the title ‘By The Sea’ - and tossing them across a room. Then Dolly was floating (and glowing) in space, next to the Southern Cross constellation.

Dolly was also on a red carpet having her photo snapped by paparazzi wearing dunce hats, before being presented with some very odd gifts: a bouquet of flowers and a carton of nine eggs. And why was Dolly doing aerobics in a room that said ‘Dancers Don’t Need Wings To Fly’ on the wall behind her?

Clues: I’m Dolly and I grab everyone’s attention. Don’t accuse this Dolly of being shallow. When rejected I don’t give up I just come back stronger and brighter. Some dollies seek the limelight, not me I just do my thing and fate does the rest. It’s a Dolly’s prerogative to change her mind, even an industrious Dolly like me - that doesn’t make me a diva!

You don’t have to be fit to be a Dolly but I can’t imagine life any other way. Let’s get physical!

This Dolly has stopped playing. This is business!

Song: ‘It's Raining Men’ by The Weather Girls

Guesses: Ricki-Lee Coulter, Em Rusciano, Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John


As Vampire stood in the shadows, her bodyguards lay out in the sun with one next to a paid invoice (and a bleeding blue heart stuck on their chest) and the other cradling a copy of Charles Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species.

Then while one bodyguard tap danced and another sang opera, Vampire read from a book of Maths. A thought bubble popped up that said E=MC2 = Star. Finally, Vampire applied lipstick with her two bodyguards, but when we looked in the mirror she obviously had no reflection. Must be hard to know if you’ve applied evenly.

Clues: I am Vampire, mystery surrounds me. Am I a killer? That is a stage I went through. But I love life in all its erratic, blood-pumping beauty. What I wear is proof of that. I was scarred by my childhood. Surrounded constantly by my dream that always seemed to slip away into the distance. I thought I wouldn’t make the cut!

Even for Vampires, it is a world for men but I have conquered that world. Being a man that no man could be.

I am Vampire and I cannot be vanquished!

Song: ‘Can't Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis Presley

Guesses: Anastacia, Janet Jackson, Jessica Origliasso


Baby was seen on a basketball court playing piggy in the middle before she was seen standing near a very spooky fortune teller who pulled out the Death Tarot card. And while Baby continued to give out clues, a bodyguard was seen putting a pink nappy or skirt on a baby doll. And while talking about how much she loved the warm weather, the sun turned into a compass pointing north.

Clues: I’m a Baby so I should enjoy dribbling but I don’t! I want the big score, like a gift from heaven. I want to know my future, I don’t think I’ll have to wait long for it all to happen. Not death! Run away, run away!

Maybe I should get into music? Although I have so much trouble with choruses, I oppose them one-on-one. I like to play where it’s warm not where it’s cold. Maybe that’s why my family headed north. I’m a baby, and I’m going to take the Masked Singer trophy!

Song: ‘Baby Love’ by The Supremes

Guesses: Kirsten Dunst, Tones And I, Ruby Rose, Ella Hooper


Our fave Kebab was standing near the ocean as an eagle soared past his delicious little face. One of Kebab’s bodyguards also put up a sign that read ‘All Star Champion Decider - One Night Only’ out the front of his food truck while another bodyguard snacked on a hot dog.

Bellydancing with his bodyguards, Kebab tossed slices of white bread away before we got a shot of the weekly roster for the truck — with names like Brendan, Kris, Lyra, Lucas, Hilda and Rosa and the hours they’re working. The bodyguard looking at the roster was holding a koala stuffed toy.

Clues: Hey, I’m Kebab! You know you like me. You know, I’ve been compared to other types of food, like I’m Australia’s answer to a hot dog. Yeah, no! I’m a Kebab! But I wasn’t always happy being a kebab, the life of a fast food can be lonely. Kebabs are a little exotic, I know I am!

You never describe me as white bread. And vanilla? Forget about it. Do you know the secret to a great kebab? It’s all about the filler. I mean filling! Lamb, beef, chicken, doesn’t matter! Anything you can find in the deli.

I’m Kebab and you’ll love every moment with me!

Song: ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ by Otis Redding

Guesses: Jack Vidgen, Marcia Hines, Courtney Act, Sam Fischer


Once again at an amusement park, Lightning literally passed a torch between bodyguards while talking about never being alone. Then, standing in front of a fortune-telling machine, she received a fortune that said ‘Clouds Will Come From Your Family’ while a bodyguard also held an alarm clock that read 22:50.

Later, putting makeup on a bodyguard while another filmed on their phone holding golden film reels. Steven Spielberg is that you?!

Clues: I am Lightning and I am a miracle. You never see one bolt of lightning on its own. We work together, we are here because of each other! No fortune teller could predict I would be here today. For a long time, even I didn’t know where I would be from day-to-day. I just make it up as I go along!

Lightning and thunder go everywhere together. In my case, Lightning follows thunder. It is the dance we do.

I am Lightning and I promise you will remember me!

Song: ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten

Guesses: Maddie Ziegler, Tones and I, Angie Kent, Sally Pearson


We’re definitely hooked on Mullet, and tonight we saw him learning how to dance with a bodyguard. Then, as his bodyguards drove a boat he held an old map of Australia before they crashed into a beach. Then, a bodyguard played hopscotch with the final tile reading ‘2108’ before finally jamming out on a saxophone underwater.

Clues: I might be just a Mullet but I’m evolving. Do I need a lighthouse? Nah, it just keeps me awake. You know, I’ve done it all from Z to A, except D, maybe I need a new agent? I had plans, they didn’t always work out. And sometimes that’s a good thing! It’s not like I have satellite navigation. Watch out for the beach!

A schoolyard game, this fish doesn’t like schools! I prefer herds. Look at that! At least it’s better than eight.

I’m the Mullet and I’m going to rock this competition!

Song: ‘Cake By The Ocean’ by DNCE

Guesses: Ryan Gallagher, Ben Gillies, Brendan Cowell, Eric Bana

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