Every Clue You Missed From Episode 6 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2021

We’re one step closer to finding out who else is hiding under the mask.

Sunday night was a massive double unmasking after a one-off celebrity performance blew our guessing panel away.

Kicking things off with another group performance, Baby, Lightning, Kebab and Atlantis also performed once again for the panel and gave a whole new batch of clues.

Are you any closer to figuring out who remains under their masks? Here are all the clues, hints, guesses and more from Episode 6.


Our sparky friend was seen rocking out on a Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine before hitting up a church and creating halos for her two bodyguards. There was also a series of floating lamps around Lightning, six to be exact, and she blew them up. Someone who hates lamps, perhaps?

There were also a few hints about heartbreak, with Lightning walking past a double photo frame that was empty on one of the sides. Maybe she broke up with a lamp salesman?

Clues: I’m Lightning and I have the power to light up the world.  Nailed it. Lightning never stays still. I dance about everywhere – and I always have. I hit a town and move on.

You might think Lightning fears nothing. But I believe in facing my fears. That’s “So Lightning” of me. I’m not afraid to hand out advice. I’m also not afraid to cry in public. But I am afraid to be alone. I don’t want to be single.

I am Lightning. Tonight, hear me thunder!

Song: ‘Boom Clap’ by Charli XCX

CCTV Footage: Lightning putting on tragedy and comedy theatrical masks.

Guesses: Alessia Cara, Dami Im, Jayne Torvill, Angie Kent


Our favourite wrap star was seen speeding past some cars on a motorbike before mopping up some kind of mess out the front of his food truck, ordering one bodyguard to pour more ‘Royal Brand Bleach’ into his bucket.

Kebab was also seen standing in a sheep station before he joined some very sick-looking bodyguards in an alleyway where a black cat ran past them. Finally, we saw Kebab walk onto a massive stage holding a guitar case as confetti cannons exploded into the air.

Clues: Yeah, I’m the Kebab – always ready for a big night! I spilled some fat here on Tuesday.  This isn’t the first time I’ve cleaned up.

A bit more. You can’t have too much bleach! Am I right?

There’s a lot of lambs for meat out there.  But don’t stick your head up…because you might lose it. Kebabs can be amazing or dreadful.  Either way, we enjoy ‘em, right?

I’m the Kebab – and I’m in for a great night!

Song: ‘Stay With Me’ by Sam Smith

CCTV Footage: Kebab checking themselves out in a mirror before posing with a towel in front of them.

Guesses: Billy Idol, Jack Vidgen, Olly Alexander, Rebel Wilson


The queen of the seas knows how to make headlines, with two bodyguards reading newspapers that said ‘Atlantis Sued: Trouble in Darfur’ and ‘The New Imbruglia’ on their front pages. But Atlantis didn’t seem too stressed, instead, she was getting measurements from a mannequin that was only wearing a strategically placed leaf.

Atlantis’ bodyguards had a laugh at her singing voice one moment, then were showering her with roses and applause the next as ribbons and confetti rained down around her. And while she’s the queen of the seas, Atlantis also had to battle some very gnarly looking sharks before bodyguards marched alongside her with campaign signs that read ‘Atlantis for Masked Singer’.

Clues: I am Atlantis and I am bringing the storm! I am who I am – although the papers may not agree.  That’s my trouble. But children believe in me and I believe in them. My voice has been my downfall and my saviour. But I learnt from the greatest when I knew so little. And what I achieved is epic.

The great Atlantis has no true nemesis. No enemy. But there is still much to fear in my home.

I am Atlantis and I shall have my justice!

Song: ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’ by Elle King

CCTV Footage: Atlantis being sprinkled by some kind of magic dust by a bodyguard while she slept.

Guesses: Noni Hazlehurst, Rihanna, Lynda Carter, Delta Goodrem


Our big Baby is back and this time we saw her getting her picture snapped on the red carpet. Later, one of Baby’s bodyguards was playing with alphabet blocks that spelled out ‘BGG’. And not to alarm you, but we also saw Baby repeatedly slap a ringing alarm clock out of a bodyguard’s hands at 8:01 before they replaced it with a digital clock that flashed 20:01.

Back in the nursery with four other crying babies, Baby comforted a bodyguard who was sucking on a big blue dummy. Speaking of dummies, we have no idea what any of that means.

Clues: A lot of people look at me.  Thousands and thousands at a time. I wanted it to be lots more but that just didn’t play out. Early on, I got used to not being first. I have a distinguished sporting pedigree. Only one of four people to hold this honour. But don’t work up a sweat about it.

I like my booties. Do you? I think I’ll wear them forever. They are something I just can’t live without. Wah-wah. Wah-wah. I really like that sound. And I love the sound of steam.

I’m Baby and winning The Masked Singer is my birthright!

Song: ‘My Favourite Things’ by Julie Andrews.

CCTV Footage: Having a tea party with bodyguards.

Guesses: Kelly Osbourne, Noah Cyrus, Ruby Rose, Bec Hewitt

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