Every Clue You Missed From Episode 10 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2021

We’re so close to the grand finale of The Masked Singer Australia 2021, and with just four masks remaining have you cracked the case?

This time around our four remaining masks not only gave us their regular clues but also delivered two lies and one truth to confuse our guessing panel even more.

Pretty soon we’ll know who the final celebrities hiding under the masks will be as we crown the champion of this year at the grand finale, but first here are all the clues for the final four masks.


Things are always a little fishy when Mullet takes the stage, and in this latest batch of clues, we saw him mopping once again, before grabbing onto a big hook and being yanked out of the sea. Once again we saw Mullet next to a tray full of tools before he was standing in a field full of fires.

Clues: I’m Mullet and tonight’s gonna be another 10 out of 10, I reckon. I don’t have ‘unearthly’ powers like the others, but I’m not here to make up the numbers. Bait is dangled often in front of me. I’ve learned to wait and watch.

I’ve got a lot of tools on my belt. And in a former life, not just tools. But I’m more reliable now.

Us Mullets don’t have a lot of secrets. And you can’t pull the wool over our eyes. We’re real strict about that.

I’m Mullet and I’m gonna school the other Masked Singers tonight.

Song: ‘Blame It On Me’ by George Ezra

Two Lies And A Truth:

I came second in a Kevin Rudd lookalike competition.

I played a dozen AFL games for Carlton.

I threw up on a skydiving instructor while parachuting.

Guesses: Axle Whitehead, Kelly Slater, Bryan Brown, Samuel Johnson


Since the beginning, we’ve been suckers for Vampire. In these clues, we saw a bodyguard getting a blood transfusion, with the bag reading B+ (be positive? Get it?) while another bodyguard stroked her hand while wearing a white, sequined glove.

We also saw Vampire and two bodyguards each holding a sign with different spellings of the word ‘Vampire’, ‘Vampyr’ and ‘Vampir’. Then, we saw Vampire holding necklaces in either hand — one gold and one silver — as she stood on a yellow brick road. Toto? Is that you?

Clues: No one dares stand against the Vampire. Even for a vampire, life has disappointment. The undead have troubles. Are sick and tired. But we stand tall and carry on. Vampires speak many tongues but can be unheard by those closest to us. This is my truth.

I am the undead but I live life every day. I have learnt to wait for patience is a virtue. I followed my own golden brick road. But not just gold. When troubles way heavy on your heart, see the world through rose-tinted glasses.

I am Vampire and I am queen of the night tonight!

Song: ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea

Two Lies And A Truth:

As a child I had a one-armed dentist.

My debut album sold fewer than 1,000 copies.

I have a 2010 World Cup soccer ball signed by Tim Cahill.

Guesses: Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Anastacia, Sheryl Crow


Standing in between a billboard that read ‘Acrobats do the splits’ and a merry-go-round, Dolly gave us another handful of cryptic clues right before the billboard itself split in half. We also saw another cartoon cow, this time standing underneath a flashing sign that said ‘Gemstone’. As a cartoon Kangaroo wearing boxing gloves hopped across the screen, it knocked the cow out and turned it upside-down.

Once again multiple versions of Dolly appeared at once, with multiple arrows pointing at them which said ‘Best Dolly?’ before a speech bubble appeared for one which said ‘Please say I’m the best Dolly’. And once again we saw Dolly standing near the Southern Cross constellation, before a cloud appeared to blow it away.

Clues: Dressed like this, Dolly has to steer slowly. But on the inside, I’m always on the go casting around for fun. With my special two hands, I shouldn’t box. I’m quite good, but I’m not the fairest of them all. My age of achievements is over. I’m happy off grid.

This Dolly looks pretty in pink. But what’s my favourite colour? White? That doesn’t sound right. Maybe violet or indigo. On a clear night like this, you meet many stars. But it all moves in cycles.

I’m Dolly and I’m feeling playful!

Song: ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ by Bonnie Raitt

Two Lies And A Truth:

In my life I have spent more than a year in hospital.

I come from a long line of opera singers.

I was the Broome regional women’s hotdog eating champion.

Guesses: Missy Higgins, Em Rusciano, Shania Twain, Casey Donovan


To kick things off we saw Kebab in a kitchen before he was out in a field as he listed off what livestock he could be. Then, back at the Kebab van, we saw two bodyguards with backpacks on, while a sign read ‘Go West Young Man And Live’.

Dancing under a golden disco ball, Kebab showed off his dance moves before getting dressed up in a gorgeous gown. Finally, he was seen standing on a bike seat as the rider pushed the bike along.

Clues: I’m the Kebab and I know you want some! Am I beef? Wouldn’t say that, mate. Am I chicken? I’ve proved I’m not. I might be lamb. Lamb to the slaughter. Am I Australia’s favourite late night, high energy treat? Yes I am. Better than some stuff I’ve eaten.

I love the nightlife. It’s when I do my best work. Off duty, I like to frock up for fun.

I’m the Kebab and I reckon I’m delivering up something real tasty tonight!

Song: ‘Juice’ by Lizzo

Two Lies And A Truth:

I captained my school’s netball team.

One of my thumbs is half the size of the other.

Ironically, the sound of thunder terrifies me.

Guesses: Connie Mitchell, John Travolta, Jack Vidgen, Courtney Act

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