All The Clues From Episode 7 Of The Masked Singer 2020

We’re inching closer to the grand finale of The Masked Singer, and with one more celeb unmasked, we also got a truck-load of new clues for our remaining singers.

From bull-riding Bushrangers to a Kitten in her undies, this week we started to see our remaining masks ramp things up when it came to clues. One thing’s for sure, our beloved guessing panellists Dave, Dannii, Urzila and Jackie don’t have an easy job ahead of them.

Though we bid our fabulous cactus farewell, it was so satisfying to finally find out who was under the mask. But are we any closer to cracking the identities of our remaining celebs? Here are all the clues from Episode 7.


Though they’re an Aussie icon, this Frillneck was seen holding what looked like a Dutch flag. He also flicked through a well-worn copy of The Big Book of Cockatoos by James Ingram. So what does all that have to do with a pram full of babies and a big inflatable banana?

Clues: I am Frillneck. I’m rock and roll and so much more. I know I have anger management issues but I’m protective of my babies. Each and every one was a difficult birth. Although it can be tough sticking to the straight and narrow, I don’t love one dolly more than any other. I’m not seen as the literary type, I get it but when you turn things around, everything’s surprising in the middle. I’m patriotic - don’t ever question, even success from around the world can’t stop me from returning home. Now it’s time to give you the performance you had to have.

Song: Wilson Pickett - 'Land Of A Thousand Dances'

Moment of Truth: Most of my days are spent in solitude, interrupted only by the very worlds I create.

Guesses: Tim Minchin, Adam Garcia, Todd McKenney, John Travolta


It’s not every day you see a Bushranger riding a mechanical bull, swatting at sharks with a guitar, and that’s why we love this show. Seen once again in a boxing ring, this time with American flags being waved in support, Bushranger continues to stump the guessing panel.

Clues: Music has always been in my life. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’m proud to walk in my family’s footsteps. My clan is strong and my mum is dedicated to her roots. In my business sometimes you have to swim with sharks. I did, and it was the lowest I have ever fallen. I am a disciple of hard work and imagination, it’s how you get to be a champion and eventually take on the world. When Americans get to their feet for you, you’re own your way. I’m the bushranger and I’m here to take what’s mine.

Song: Normani - 'Motivation'

Moment of Truth: While touring New Zealand, I pretended to be a different musician and signed autographs in their name.

Guesses: Kylie Minogue, Camila Cabello, Kayla Fenech, Bonnie Anderson


Our seventh celeb to be unmasked, Cactus proved she was one plant who really knew how to work a stage. From hints about her family to a few cheeky references to some past roles she’s played onstage, this was one mystery that was just begging to be cracked by Inspector Minogue.

Clues: Last time I sang I banged out an Aussie classic. Cactus has survived harsh environments for a long time. My ancestors certainly did. But I’m a more modern kind of Cactus and I like to live more privately. Family is important to me, it has made my past, my present and my future. But how much do you really know about our family? It’s a mystery. Would I call myself driven? Yes I would, but not at any cost. I’ve never been two-faced, with a Cactus what you see is what you get. And tonight you’re going to get my best.

Song: Bonnie Tyler - 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'

Moment of Truth: For my first professional engagement I performed entirely in French and I can still sing it to this day.

Guesses: Jane Seymour, Lucy Durack, Amy Shark, Em Rusciano

Revealed to be: Lucy Durack


Once again Queen was surrounded by bodyguards with long, wispy beards and was seen standing in front of a choice of three boxes labelled A, B, C. Box C revealed a quill and a pot of ink... so we're thinking... giant squid?

Clues: Being in the spotlight can play with your head. You don’t know who you are from one month to the next, but I had one principle from the very start so I kept a level head. After all, nobody wants to go ‘pop’. The Masked Singer is tough, especially getting near the pointy end. It’s like facing gladiators in the colosseum. I hope nobody calls me ‘terrible’. But you never have to tough it out alone when your heart is in harmony with another. Growing up, I rejected dance. But still ended up being a dancing girl. I have never met a dance I didn’t enjoy. When you’re the Queen you can do anything, but choosing what to do - that’s tough. We all write our own future, and you can write it as you like it. My immediate future is on the stage tonight, impressing you, my loyal subjects.

Song: Taylor Swift - 'Shake It Off'

Moment of Truth: My great grandfather was an early member of the Communist Party of Australia. He loved Stalin and taught himself Russian from books.

Guesses: Sia, Lorde, Megan Washington, Toni Collette


He may give Dannii the creeps, but for us, Puppet is just mad #fitspo. Seen once again at an aerobic step class, Puppet also hinted that he works in a group, and some of his co-workers are pretty ancient.

Clues: The other Masked Singer’s are on the run from me. They’d be easier to catch in my car. A Puppet’s life is a partnership, I can’t do things on my own. My main partner is older than me, and I mean a lot older. Millions of years. You have to be fit to do what I do. I’m the hardest working Puppet in the business. I fight to find the Fountain Of Youth. I’m a lot less than just a pretty face, but it doesn’t matter when you wear a mask, because I am the Puppet who cannot die. And I’m not going to die on stage tonight.

Song: Ed Sheeran - 'Thinking Out Loud'

Moment of Truth: As a teenager, I sat a career aptitude test. I was told my personality was suited to one job: owner of a Gift Card shop.

Guesses: Andrew Hansen, Jonathan Coleman, Anthony Warlow, David Hasselhoff


Our fur-midable feline gave us a bit more insight into the cat behind the Kitten when she revealed she had been disappointed by a Gold Logie in the past. Standing in front of some tartan with a first-place ribbon attached, Kitten also joked about having done some dirty jobs in the past.

Clues: When I prowled the stage last, kitty got frisky. Felines are vein and I like to look good, in my underwear too. I hope the way I look doesn’t blind you. Nobody can have a vision of the future, sometimes we get what we hoped for and sometimes we don’t. If you hang in there, success can come at any age. We’ve all done distasteful thing in our lives, this is not the worst. The trick is to keep laughing and keep some nobility about you. Or get a proper tradie to do it. I might be sweet on the outside, but I pack a power punch and tonight you’ll hear all my power.

Song: blink-182 - 'All The Small Things'

Moment of Truth: I took the first steps in my career while employed by the police force.

Guesses: Celia Pacquola, Celeste Barber, Rebel Wilson, Julia Morris

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