All The Clues From Episode 3 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2022

Another night of incredible performances, a shocking reveal and a whole new batch of clues for The Masked Singer Australia!

On Tuesday night, four of our masks returned to the stage and, for the first time, two went head-to-head in a duel to avoid being unmasked. This episode also saw Sandra Sully drop some hints in a “Clues Just In”, giving the panel (and us at home) an extra hint for some of our masks.

Like always, we’ve tried to collect every clue and guess to help you on your mission to figure out which celebrities are hiding behind the masks!


Our queen of the dancefloor was back with another batch of clues, where we first saw her being measured by a bodyguard next to a pedestal fan. Then, while Mirrorball put ice cubes into a drink, the camera panned to a certificate from the Australian Medical Association (AMA). Later, Mirrorball stood between two bodyguards on a running track as they stretched and got on their marks.

Clues: I’m the Mirrorball and I hate to be in the dark. Am I dirty? No, that’s someone else, so be cool okay? You don’t think I measure up? I think I do. I was on thin ice for a while, but eventually, you have to do you. As a kid, I was really competitive. As an adult, not everyone likes that but I’m sick of running someone else’s race. I’m Mirrorball and my voice will be heard!

Song: "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" by Whitney Houston

Clue Just In: In breaking news, Mirrorball has decided to stop reflecting the light of others and to glow entirely on their own. Mirrorball has not commented publicly but has said to feel excited about the future.

Guesses: Gwen Stefani, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Christina Milian, Jordin Sparks


The undead air hostess was back and during her clues, Air Zombie was advertising trips to India, offering the opportunity to “learn Bollywood dancing” on one sign, with another reading “Urban Transit System” (UTS). Zombie also held a framed photo of Masked Singer alum Nikki Webster. Later, Zombie was seen walking past some elephants, before a black cat jumped into the frame. We also saw a gold trophy on a first-place victory stand, before she relaxed and read a copy of “Zombie Life Magazine” with a headline that asked, “Do blondes have more fun?” Finally, Zombie was seen standing between gravestones for Queen Victoria (1819-1901), Powderfinger (1989-2010) and Oasis (1991-2009).

Clues: Zombies travel the entire world but mostly East-West. I had a life before being a Zombie, and another life after. Now, I’ve turned a page and all I want is brains, brains! Zombies love animals, but cats are too disappointing! There’s no shame in coming third, well that’s what I tell myself, but it came with a job that I would literally die for. I’m the Zombie and I’m going to eat the competition alive!

Song: "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado

Clue Just In: The Masked Singer Zombie has finally proven the existence of life after death. Zombie is very much alive, just in a form of life most of us wouldn’t recognise.

Guesses: Bec Hewitt, RuPaul Charles, Dame Judi Dench, Emma Watkins


There’s a lot of buzz around this celeb, but in Blowfly’s clues, we saw him sitting on a scooter next to a bodyguard holding the flag of Lebanon before three babies appeared in Blowfly’s arms. Blowfly was then seen playing a video game, with a framed image of what looked like an orange behind him, before he appeared performing opera in front of a lighthouse and holding up the scales of justice before a black sheep’s face appeared in a spotlight in the sky. Blowfly also tried to break a stick over his knee, before becoming frustrated and handing it to a bodyguard who also struggled to break it. Finally, Blowfly pointed to a sign that read, “the boy with the dragon tattoo”.

Clues: I’m Blowfly and you can find me all over Australia. I fought real hard to get to the top of my little hill, or am I king of the mountain? I’m never afraid to ask the tough questions, or to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. I know I can be loud, maybe a bit wild and it almost cost me family some important jewellery. I’ve spent my time in the sun, including some of my darkest days, but I am a phoenix. I’m the Blowfly and I’m buzzing to win The Masked Singer.

Song: “Easy on Me” by Adele

Guesses: Tom Gleeson, Grant Denyer, Shannon Noll, Nic Cester


While our panel flip-flopped over who they thought Thong was, in her clues we saw our fave footwear stretching out in a yoga class. Then, in our first-ever crossover, the Knight mask introduced himself to Thong before the screen filled with hearts. Thong was then seen standing between one bodyguard plucking a guitar, while another had a frog on a fishing pole. Standing in the Vatican, Thong displayed a photo of Lily James, before the cardinals surrounding her began disappearing until only one was left. Thong also stood next to a mini car before a bodyguard dressed as a referee showed her a red card.

Clues: I’m Thong, and I’m elastic like rubber! Nobody notices Thongs, that’s fine by me! It worked in my favour big time! That looks tender. My childhood dreams faded, but art can imitate life. I love this car! It’s ageless and doesn’t need to spend much time in the garage. I’m a cleanskin now, but I wasn’t always. I’m Thong, and I will be champion again!

Song: “So What” by Pink

Guesses: Iggy Azalea, Bindi Irwin, Ruby Rose, Isla Fisher

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