All The Clues From Episode 2 Of The Masked Singer 2020

With our second back of celebs hidden under some absolutely breathtaking masks, we're back to unravel the mystery of their secret identities.

Introducing us to the likes of Sloth, Wizard, Cactus and a particularly surprising Bushranger, Episode 2 also packed a bunch of clues that had us scratching our heads.

While Dannii, Dave, Jackie and Urzila did their best to crack the case, we're not so sure on their guesses that the entire Irwin family is hidden somewhere on the Masked Singer backlot. In case you need to refresh your memory, here are all the clues from Episode 2.


Though she was towering over Osher, Sloth was completely cuddly and started off the show with energy not usually associated with sloths. She was also seen standing in front of a speed walking race where the contestants wore shirts that said "Wealth is Health" and "Common as Muck".

Strength: Patience

Song: Lizzo - “Good As Hell”

Clues: I’m a Sloth. Not because I’m slow-moving, no one thinks that. It’s because I slide from one project to the next without anyone seeing me move. I have a colourful past and very colourful family. I love the sunshine and I surround myself with it every day. I’m conservative in many ways but experimental at the same time. My biggest performance was on the sporting stage. Accurate timing was essential, I couldn’t afford to make a mistake. And you make no mistake either because the sloth is going to hit the ground running tonight.

I will tell you this, sunshine doesn’t just come from the sun.

Guesses: Kelly Osbourne, Carrie Bickmore, Lisa Wilkinson, The Cash Cow


Giving us a truly ~magical~ performance, Wizard gave the guessing panel a lot to think about. With a lot of images of electricity, the outback and a little toy bus, he really put a spell us.

Strength: Magical

Song: Katy Perry - "Firework"

Clues: I am the Wizard and I understand the power of magic. I believe in the unexpected. I feel connected to the earth, grounded, but power isn’t in everyone. But when you feel it you can use it to help others. I want the power, more power the better, and to feel in control at all times. There are others like me, many others, but I’ve found myself in a smaller group, eventually, just alone. My abilities were recognised young and my mentor showed me the road I should take. The hours were long, but I persevered. When you trust yourself to fate, good things can happen, and it will happen tonight.

Rock music was not in my path, but I love heavy metal.

Guesses: Anthony Field, Jason Donovan, Chris Hemsworth, Anh Do


There's just something about Kitten that made us thinking this ferocious feline is absolutely purrfect. The judges were particularly stumped when it came to Kitten having shoes thrown at her... what could that even mean?!

Strength: Adorable

Song: Dua Lipa - "Don't Start Now"

Clues: Am I a kitten? Adorable but with claws – that sounds about right. Kittens don’t sing. Well, not often and rarely in public. Late at night, maybe and then we get a shoe thrown at us. I hope that doesn’t happen tonight. I should be used to the criticism, for every high there’s been a low. Like all kittens, I’ve had my time in the sun. From a very young age, water has been an essential part of my life, like a dolphin. But I left that behind to sip the heat of the spotlight elsewhere. But I’m back home now and making up for lost time. Watch out Masked Singers – kitty’s got her claws out.

I am very used to being publicly judged.

Guesses: Nicole Scherzinger, Lily Allen, Susan Boyle, Julia Gillard


Our second celeb to be unmasked, the guessing panel were circling the right answer, but never really hit the nail on the head... get it? Because he's a hammerhead?

Strength: Hard-headed

Song: Jimmy Barnes - "Working Class Man"

Clues: I am the Hammerhead. Not flashy, but I get the job done every time. You can’t tell by looking at me but I’m on the right side of 50. Before most of you ever heard of me, I came of age in western, but I went on to create a style of my own. I was the first to do what I did. Of course, I can’t do what I do entirely on my own. My skills let me travel anywhere English is spoken. And along the way, you never know whose attention you’ll attract. I’m the Hammerhead and I’m going to nail The Masked Singer.

I’ve banged out more hits than I can count.

Guesses: Keith Urban, Murray Cook, Honey Badger, Shannon Noll

Revealed to be: Michael Bevan


This houseplant has been on the move! Seen with a suitcase that had a Union Jack sticker as well as stickers that were from Melbourne and WA, our sassy, spiky songstress was also seen gambling and showing off some flashy jewellery.

Strength: Resilience

Song: No Doubt - "Just A Girl"

Clues: I am the Cactus, persistent and determined to survive in the world’s toughest environment. Most cactuses put down their roots where they first land but not me. It took a while for me to find where I belonged. Along the way, I’ve walked the most hallowed turf in the land. I’m a bit of a princess. But am I dangerous? I was called that at the start of my career. I took it hard, but don’t we all need something that scares us just a little? We cactuses aren’t known for the way we move, well that’s not strictly accurate. I’m not bad, but I’m definitely not the best mover in my family. I know the odds are against me 12 – 1 at The Masked Singer, but I’ve fought the odds before. Tonight, I’m going to roll the dice and come up a winner.

There was a time when I was overshadowed.

Guesses: Bindi Irwin, Tania Zaetta, Sam Kerr, Em Rusciano


We were NOT expecting Bushranger to belt out some massive notes, but what a way to close out the show! Seen waving a Czech flag one moment and throwing punches at the "Hands Up gym" the next, we honestly have no idea who's under the shimmering helmet.

Strength: Willpower

Song: LunchMoney Lewis - "Bills"

Clues: Why am I the Bushranger? Because I’m not afraid to stand up and take what I want. I’m proud of my heritage. My past is important to me. Like a true Bushranger, I took the path less travelled and I have never regretted it. That’s because I’m a fighter from a family of fighters. In fact, I became famous punching above my weight. But a successful Bushranger knows when to hide. Sometimes the only way to survive is to turn the light out, it’s better than crying and rusting my helmet. I was a pioneer, the first of my kind, but others followed in my path and more will come in future. I’m a Bushranger and it’s time to stand and deliver.

My heritage is important to me, and that will be true no matter where I was born.

Guesses: Fergie, Terri Irwin, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson