Pets With Dr. Chris

From puppies, to chickens, and every cute creature in-between, our resident vet is here to share his knowledge on every fluffy friend imaginable.

Puppy Care With The Bachelor

In Episode 19, the brand new Bachelor, Matt Agnew, joins the team in the studio to chat all things Bachelor. But through his very secret sources, Chris has discovered that at the end of Matt’s journey he wants to settle down with his new love and get a dog. He might be ready to commit to the love of his life but does he have what it takes to commit to a canine companion? Chris puts him through two challenges to test that theory – giving a worming pill and cleaning up your pooch’s tear stains. Matt was surprised to discover that some of Chris' care tips might be useful for his time in the mansion too!

Bachelor Matt and Dr Chris Brown

Dr. Chris gives Matt some top tips for taking care of any dog.

It's A Dog's Life

In Episode 13, Dr. Chris meets Seamus, a four-year-old Schnauzer who suffers from anxiety. After receiving complaints  from their neighbours, his owners want to know how he copes and what he's doing when they’re not there. To uncover what exactly makes this poor pooch howl, Chris sets up hidden cameras to track Seamus' movements and launches a full scale investigation. Chris is able to come up with not only a diagnosis but a potential cure for Seamus and his family.

Dr Chris and Seamus the Schnauzer

Helping Your Pets Live Longer

In Episode 7, Dr. Chris enlists his fellow hosts in the Brown Fountain Of Youth Clinic, to demonstrate the 4 best ways to add a year to your pet’s life. When it comes to our pets, we want to be the best mums and dads we can, but our pets have a relatively short life span. With that in mind, he looks at issues of dental hygiene, mental health, obesity and diet and chemical exposure and recommends his top tips for keeping our pets happy and healthy.

Emma the Husky who helps Chris, was provided by Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Australia Inc (AMRAA Inc). The AMRAA rescue, rehabilitate, vet check and rehome Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds, Akitas and their crosses from pounds around Australia. Their mission is to give these fur babies a second chance at life whilst educating the public on the breed and responsible ownership. They have a HEROES program where you can donate – all donations of $2 are tax deductible. With over 100 dogs in care, any help is much appreciated. It is secure, and you get an automatic tax receipt every time your account is debited.

Helping Pets Live Longer Dr Chris

A Battle Between The Chicken And The Egg

In Episode 4, Dr. Chris gives us all the information needed to raise happy and healthy chickens. As the number of and buzz about backyard chickens skyrocket across the country, Dr. Chris believes it is important to demonstrate how to get the best and perfect eggs every time. He gives the team a lesson on chicken anatomy and explains how the light can play a big part in your eggs. Chris also touches on changes you can make to the chicken's diet and surroundings to optimise the amount of eggs your chicken is laying.

Dr Chris Chicken

Pound Paws

In Episode 2, Dr. Chris has teamed up with animal welfare charity Pound Paws to educate viewers about the importance of adopting from rescue shelters. Approximately 250,000 healthy and treatable dogs and cats are put down in Australia every year. Pet ownership can often last longer than a relationship so it’s important to find a dog that suits you and your lifestyle. To give this the best chance possible Chris demonstrates some simple tests you can do with a potential pet in everyday situations to help ensure the dog matches your requirements and doesn’t end up back in the rescue system. Chris takes a look into this online dating like system for people looking for a dog.

Dr Chris Pound Paws