‘I Found What I Was Looking For’: Holly Langford ‘Very Much In Love’ With Fellow Bachelorette Millie Rubio

On Wednesday night, an emotional breakdown of one of Brooke’s strongest connections ended in a tearful split.

Though she went into the mansion looking to find love with Brooke, Holly revealed to 10 play that she did in fact find love thanks to the show.

“I didn’t find love in the house,” Holly said, adding, “but I am now dating Millie… we started catching up as friends outside the house and a romance has formed from there.

“In this experience, it’s a roller coaster and you’re forced to make these really strong connections with people to get through… and I’m very much in love with her,” Holly continued.

“As I told Brooke, I’m so happy with everything else in my life and was ready to fall in love, and sadly that wasn’t with Brooke but I found what I was looking for [and I’m] so f**king stoked! I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that,” she added, laughing.

From the get-go, Holly and Brooke had an undeniable spark that continued to grow, making Holly a clear frontrunner for Brooke’s heart. But during hometowns, the pair realised that they had “skipped a few steps” and there were a few dealbreakers they hadn’t discussed.

“It was scary going into that conversation,” Holly said. “They’re big, non-negotiable life dreams that we needed to speak about and to go from rose-coloured glasses with this beautiful, wonderful connection to then being like oh sh*t… it was scary.”

For Brooke, who throughout the season had spoken about her desire to have three kids, it was a shock to hear from Holly’s mum during hometowns that Holly has always said she’d like a small family, with kids not being a priority. Holly, meanwhile, learned Brooke would one day want to move back to WA.

The pair left things on shaky ground after hometowns, with Holly admitting she felt like she was “a goner” at the next rose ceremony, shocked to receive a rose.

“I’m glad Brooke and I had the chance to talk things out further,” she added. “I mean, you’re not talking about these things when you’re dating outside the house so to come in, having a couple of single dates and talking about children and where to raise a family, it’s a foreign feeling.”

On Wednesday night, the pair had a chance to once again speak about their different goals for the future, and tearfully they realised their journey together had come to an end.

“I came into this experience to find love and she had come into this experience again to find love, so it was hard to almost be the bearer of bad news that I’ve maybe realised that we’re not going to be compatible in the long term with our dreams and how we want to live our lives,” Holly admitted.

“Two hearts got broken on that night. It was as amicable as it could be… it was hard.”

Holly was glad that things ended for the pair on that date, rather than going into another Rose Ceremony and dragging the process out for the two of them.

“I think if I were to go any further I would feel like I was leading her on and not there for the right reasons. It was probably the best possible outcome because I don’t want to pretend to be someone that I’m not.”

While she admitted it was difficult at times to see her and Brooke’s love story play out on screen all over again, Holly said it was more difficult watching alongside Millie.

“We’ve been watching it together and it’s been really hard watching her single date and interactions with Brooke! I’m sure it’s the same vice versa for her, it’s definitely weird seeing the girl you’re in love with kissing another girl on national television,” she added, laughing.

“Sorry babe, didn’t think about that!”

Holly isn’t the only of Brooke’s contestants to have found love since the show wrapped up, with Konrad Bien-Stephens confirming to 10 play that since leaving the mansion he and Bachelor fave Abbie Chatfield had started dating.

“I mean, everything happens for a reason so maybe this is what was meant to be,” Konrad told 10 play.

With just Darvid and Jamie-Lee left in the race for Brooke's heart, the Bachelorette has one final, difficult decision left to make.

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