The Bachelorette Australia 2021: Meet The Final Three Vying For Brooke’s Heart

It’s been a historic journey for Brooke Blurton, but with just three suitors remaining, who will be the one standing at the end with her?

Entering the Mansion once again with an open heart, Brooke is left with a seriously tough decision as she must finally pick which of her final three she wants to enter the next phase of her life with. Here’s a look at Holly, Darvid and Jamie-Lee’s time in the Mansion.


Making a massive impact on Brooke during the very first group date, sparks quite literally flew for Holly and Brooke right from the outset. With two single dates under her belt, Holly proved to be as open and honest about her life experiences as Brooke, and the pair had some of the most memorable and intimate dates of the season.

But during Hometowns, the pair hit their first snags with Brooke finding out that Holly’s dream family didn’t necessarily align with hers. Holly was also taken by surprise when she heard Brooke would one day want to move back to her home of WA, and the pair left things on shaky ground.


Brooke’s Persian Prince made an incredible first impression on our Bachelorette, so much so that he won the first rose of the season which also granted him the very first single date. And while Darvid had to wait allllll the way until the very last single date for his second date, it seems it was all worth it.

Brooke and Darvid’s connection has been apparent to almost everyone in the Mansion (and us watching at home), so it was tough to see Brooke realise that at some stage they’d have to rectify the fact that they live in different states. Is their connection strong enough to go the (long) distance?


Talk about an incredible fairy-tale, Jamie-Lee and Brooke first met during their original season on The Bachelor Australia when both were vying for the heart of Nick Cummins. Since then, the pair have navigated a handful of ‘sliding doors’ moments, all leading up to their reunion at the mansion once again.

Jamie-Lee has made it clear from day one that she was there to win Brooke’s heart. After their world-record date, things seemed to be running so smoothly for the pair, but after rumours in the house swirled around her friendship with another Bachelor, has doubt become too big of an obstacle for this happily ever after?

With just two episodes to go before Brooke makes her massive decision, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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