The Bachelorette 2021: Brooke Blurton Picks Darvid Garayeli

After a historic and groundbreaking season, on Thursday night Brooke Blurton finally told Darvid Garayeli how she felt about him.

At a beautiful final ceremony, Brooke broke down in tears, struggling to tell Darvid that she was “madly in love” with him.

“From the moment I met you I felt a lot of feelings,” she said after composing herself, “I felt calm, I felt trusting, I felt that instant chemistry and connection I never, ever felt with anyone before.

“You came in here and you granted me three wishes and I still have one left,” Brooke continued, “Darvid, will you make me the happiest girl?”

It had been a long time coming for Brooke and Darvid, with sparks flying the very moment they met on the red carpet. Darvid, having swept Brooke off her feet with their initial meeting, won the First Impression Rose, securing him the very first single date of the season.

After a stellar first date, Darvid had a long wait ahead of him, but thanks to a surprise bouquet of flowers delivered during a Cocktail Party, he was able to secure the very last single date of the season.

During their date earlier in the finale, Darvid opened up to Brooke about how he was feeling, finally admitting that he had fallen in love with her during their experience together. During the final ceremony he, again, told her how he was feeling.

“I genuinely have known for the first moment I met you it was going to be the start of something special,” Darvid told Brooke.

“I have completely fallen in love with you as you know. I want you to always feel loved, and I want you to always feel supported.”