‘I Really Love This Guy’: Darvid Garayeli Confirms He’s Moving In With Brooke Blurton

After their love story began during their time in the Bachelorette Mansion, Darvid and Brooke revealed they are already starting the next chapter.

On Thursday night, Brooke made her final decision, telling Darvid how she had fallen in love with him during their time together in the Mansion. Now, for the first time since filming, the pair are able to be a couple in public.

“It almost feels like we’re doing something wrong holding hands,” Darvid told 10 play over the phone.

“We’re just waiting for a producer to come and split us up,” Brooke added.

While sparks flew for Brooke and Darvid on the first night they met, Darvid revealed he had actually applied for the Bachelorette several years prior.

“I just threw it out there over a few beers but it didn’t end up going through and then I got a phone call from one of the producers,” he said before Brooke jumped in.

“Babe, you’re giving them the long story. Basically, he saw me three years ago on the Honey Badger’s season and was like ‘I want to date her’… You saw me, you loved me, you wanted to date me and now we’re here,” she said, laughing.

During the season, the pair hit what Brooke described as their one roadblock when the issue of interstate dating came up. Darvid was living in Brisbane while Brooke had just settled in Melbourne.

“I can confirm that as of this afternoon I will live in Melbourne,” Darvid told 10 play.

“I made the jump. I always had that intention, I just wanted to make it clear that it was a bit difficult of a process,” he continued. “It wasn’t easy to get here but we’re here. So I packed up my business and I’m moving in.”

Having their love story play out on TV, the pair said it had been a surreal experience watching it all air each week.

“Not a lot of people can say they’ve captured the moment of them first meeting on film, the moment we said ‘I love you’ to one another. Not a lot of people can do that,” Brooke said. “We’re really excited! Hopefully we get to show our children in the future.”

Darvid joked, “Oh, here we go”.

“I’m just throwing that out there Darvid, wink wink.”

For Brooke, there wasn’t one lightbulb moment where she realised Darvid was the one, but thinking back to hometowns she admitted the feelings had grown significantly for her.

“There was one moment where I had finished talking to his mum, wiping my tears because I got a little bit emotional,” Brooke explained. “He just came in through the door like the hero that he is — Persian prince — sees me crying and just comforts me and I was like wow, I really love this guy.

“I obviously had so many other people there invested in the process and I really did explore my options but I think there was always this underlying love for Darvid.”

Now that the pair are starting their next chapter together, they’re excited for a big new step: introducing their ‘fur babies’ to each other. But Brooke also said she’s thrilled at the idea of finally being able to explore their relationship together as a couple.

“We kind of want to log off for a little bit and get settled, not have to feel obligated to share and post everything,” she said.

“You guys have seen our love story — it is what it is — and we’re two real people madly in love with one another so… it’s disgusting. It’s really disgusting,” she added with a laugh.