‘We Realised We Were On Different Paths’: Millie Rubio Leaves The Mansion Ahead Of Hometowns

The last Intruder standing, Millie wasn’t too shocked when she did not receive a rose ahead of hometowns.

Coming into the mansion late, Millie told 10 play she definitely felt intimidated having to “suss out” who Brooke had already formed connections with, who had already been on dates and fight for her time with the Bachelorette.

“There was some ground to be covered, but I felt confident going in and I was just focused on getting as much time with her as I could, so I tried not to let other people’s connections get into my head too much,” she added.

Her determination to get time with Brooke paid off, grabbing one of the last single dates of the season, Millie was ecstatic with how well the day went.

“We just had so much fun, I was smiling the whole day, lots of jokes and great, important chats as well so I was feeling very happy after that.

“I definitely came in red hot and pretty keen to talk to her, so I feel like it went in the direction I needed it to and I was glad to have been able to spend that single date with her,” Millie continued.

“She obviously wasn’t the one for me, but I’m glad we had the opportunity.”

As Brooke began making stronger connections with others in the mansion, and time was running out before hometowns, Millie admitted that the pair seemed to come to an understanding that perhaps they weren’t on the same page with their goals.

“By the end, I think we realised that we were both on different paths in terms of — family is hugely important for her and it is important for me as well but, unfortunately it was a bit of a mismatch in timing.

“She wanted that a little bit sooner than I did.”

Standing at the Rose Ceremony, Millie admitted that she wasn’t shocked at all when she didn’t receive a rose.

“I think also, being the youngest in the room at that point by about five years, I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t receive a rose. But there’s no bad blood or anything like that!

“Everything I did, I did with purpose and intent and I don’t regret anything I did. I was totally myself.”

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