The Bachelor 2016: Richie Strahan Is The Bachelor

He may not have captured Sam Frost’s heart, but he undoubtedly won ours. Now Richie Strahan has his sights set on love once more, and as Australia’s next Bachelor, he's ready to start his search for the woman of his dreams.

Handsome, funny and charming, Richie Strahan had the nation in shock when he didn’t receive a rose from Sam Frost in the penultimate episode of The Bachelorette. Sparks had flown between the adorable pair, their ‘Senior Citizens’ date proof enough that they would have grown old hilariously together.

Though it wasn’t to be, the 30-year-old industrial rope technician from Western Australia hasn’t given up hope of finding true love, seizing the opportunity to embark on an amazing romantic journey as Australia’s next Bachelor. “I am feeling excited, nervous but mostly thrilled about potentially meeting the woman of my dreams,” he says.

“I am hoping that through this experience I will meet someone who shares my passion for life, someone that I can wake up to every morning and know I have found that special person that I can spend the rest of my life with.”

Host of The Bachelor Australia, Osher Günsberg, couldn’t be more glowing in his endorsement: “I could not think of anybody better. Of course I am biased because I got to know Richie quite well in 2015, however I know that I share the sentiment of anyone that watched The Bachelorette Australia when I say, all I want is for him to find the right person.”

“Richie won so many hearts around the country last year in season one of The Bachelorette Australia. Now, as one of Australia’s most eligible young men, it is his turn to find love,” said Network Ten Executive Producer of The Bachelor Australia, Hilary Innes.

“We are delighted to welcome Richie back as our new Bachelor and send him on his very own romantic adventure, the emotional rollercoaster ride that is The Bachelor Australia.”

Viewers can look forward to a new season of unforgettable dates, passion-fuelled cocktail parties, high drama and sweeping romance as Australia’s most eligible Bachelorettes vie for Richie’s affection.

Will he find ‘the one’ and get the fairy-tale ending he deserves?