How To Watch Sport On 10 Play

LIVE Stream, Catch-Up and Binge your favourite sports on 10 Play

LIVE Stream, Catch-Up and Binge your favourite sports on 10 Play. Not only can you LIVE Stream events that are on 10, BOLD, PEACH and SHAKE, but 10 play has LIVE events with catch-up. The fixtures pages will include links to Highlights, Mini Matches and Full Matches when available.

For details check Sport Fixtures.

Fixtures are updated as details are confirmed, so be sure to check back closer to kick-off, tip-off or go time.

Smart TV

During event times, the 10 Sport logo and associated match will appear where you currently find the 10, BOLD, SHAKE and PEACH icons. Click the icon as you currently would any of the other channels to be taken to the LIVE stream on the latest version of the following TV Apps:

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Telstra (Roku) TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Google TV


During event times, the LIVE stream is available via your mobile internet browser on this link and also the 10 play app on your iPhone, Google Apps, Android and tablet in the Live section on the 10 play app homepage.


If you have a newer Chromecast device, you will still need to cast directly from the 10 play app on your mobile device. There are different ways to enable Chromecast depending on the device you are using to cast content.

How can i use Chromecast to watch 10 play

Check out 10 Play for the LIVE stream, catch-up for key events, highlights, video extras, articles, galleries and more.

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