Scope Season 3 Episode 123 PROTECTIVE SCIENCE


EPISODE: 3/123 Protective Science

On this episode of SCOPE we take a look at the science that’s got our backs! We learn all about camouflage, we check out Australia’s safest cop car and we explore the ins and outs of mining in a virtual reality environment!

Safest Police Car: It’s a policeman’s job to keep us safe, but who’s keeping them safe when they head out on the road? Join Acting Inspector John Cormack from the Victorian Police Service, as he introduces you to their newest recruit - the safest police car in Australia!

Army Camo Design: Camouflage is used by animals across the planet to protect themselves in their environments. Ahmed Bhoyro from Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group explains how they use it to design their uniforms.

DIY Lava Cup: Join junior scientist Hayley as she discovers how her lava lamp works by making her very own lava in a cup!

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Protective Vest: We catch up with champion jockey Greg Childs who has been designing a piece of wearable technology designed to help cushion the blow when falling during a big race or even on the footy field.

VR Mining:
Jovan Harrod from the University of Queensland shows us how he’s using virtual reality technology to teach others the basics of mine site operations!

Join Lee for a super safe episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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