Scope Season 3 Episode 145 ANIMALS AND HEALTH


EPISODE: 3/145 Animals and Health 

On this episode of Scope animals and health collide! We give a Sumatran tiger a health check, we solve a marine mammal mystery and we take to the skies to outsmart some meddlesome mosquitos!

Bio Bank: Most zoos vary the temperatures of each exhibit depending on which animal it holds. But all the animals in this ‘frozen zoo’ are kept at a chilly -185 degrees! As Claire Keely from Melbourne Museum explains, these 44, 000 frozen wildlife tissue samples are being used to help protect Australia’s most endangered species. 

Operation Big Cat: There’s a big operation happening at Melbourne Zoo; Binjai the Sumatran tiger is undergoing a full medical health check! Join veterinarian Dr Sarah Frith as she explains how they gave this 140kg cat a check-up!

Whale Fossil: Dr David Hocking from Museum Victoria explains how one whale fossil helped solve a massive marine mammal mystery!

DIY – Dog Treats: Dogs can get bored when left home alone, so just how do you keep your canine companion entertained while your away? Well, Junior Scientist Amy might have the answer for you.

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Mozzie Drone: Mosquitos aren’t just annoying; they can also spread fatal diseases! Join Tasya Saira from the University of Adelaide as she takes to the skies with some incredible infrared technology to locate mosquito breeding grounds!

Fish Quarantine: Aquariums are great ways to learn about our diverse marine ecosystems. But before they can go on display, these aquatic creatures need to get through Bradley Dohnt from Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium and his quarantine health checks! 

All that and more on a jam-packed episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary!

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