Scope Season 3 Episode 144 WORLD OF TECH


EPISODE: 3/144 World of Tech

World of Tech: Technology is all around us and it’s changing at an ever increasing speed. Luckily Lee has a brand new episode of SCOPE to keep you up to date with all these amazing technological advantages! We dive beneath the waves with some marine archaeology, we strap on our virtual reality headset for a cycle and we meet weaver the 6 legged robot!

3D Marine Archaeology: Most archaeological digs happen above land, but not the ones John McCarthy from Flinders University is involved with! Join John as he shows off some of the amazing tech he uses to capture and showcase his deep sea discoveries!

Diving Tech: Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect! Luckily, Raymond Cohen from the CSIRO has developed a computer program that ensures Australia’s elite divers are perfectly practicing!

VR Cycling: Usually, you’d have to train for years as an elite cyclist to zip around Brisbane’s ‘Chandler Velodrome’. Now, thanks to Johnathan Shepard from Griffith University and some impressive technology, anyone can experience this thrill in virtual reality! 

DIY – Playdough Circuits: You’re never too old to play with playdough! And as junior scientist Jayden demonstrates, you’re never too old to learn about electrical circuits either!

Remote Communications: Electronic communication is an essential part of everyone’s lives. But the further you head out of our cities, the harder that becomes. Join David Haley and Tom Rayner from Myriota as they explain how their simple piece of technology could solve this problem forever!

Weaver Robot: What has no pulse, 6 limbs and can travers almost any terrain? Weaver 6-legged the robot of course! Join his creator Dr Navinda Kottege as he explains what makes this robotic hexapod so special!

All that and more on a technological episode of SCOPE!

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