Scope Season 3 Episode 143 SCIENCE AND NATURE


EPISODE: 3/143 Science and Nature

Science and Nature: Join Lee for a band new episode of SCOPE all about the natural world! We delve into the science of bio-security with a fungus-fighting drone, we learn all about the Amazonian Waterlily and we have a bone to pick with some dermestid beetles! 

Myrtle Rust: What do fungus, artificial intelligence and flying robots have in common? Well, along with Dr Grant Hamilton from Queensland University of Technology, they’re all involved in fighting the ferocious fungus attacking out native flora and fauna; myrtle rust!

Budgie Avoidance: Automated drones are set to change the world, but how can we get them to avoid mid-air collisions? Well, as Hong Vo and Debajoyoti Karmaker from the university of Queensland explain; the answer might lie in the humble budgerigar!

Fruit Fly Trap:
Fruit flies cost farmers billions of dollars every year! Luckily, Professor Dick Drew from Griffith University, has a plan to stop these destructive pests in their tracks!

DIY Science – Crystalized Beach Rock:
Diamonds, gems, sugar, salt; crystals come in all shapes and sizes in the natural world! Junior scientist Chelsea is using borax to make some crystals of her very own!

Waterlily Pavilion: Join John Sandham, from the Botanic Gardens of South Australia, inside one of the most advanced greenhouses in the world!

Dermestid Beetles: Tamara Morgan from Melbourne Museum explains how the flesh eating Dermestid Beetle is one of the most helpful creatures in the animal kingdom!

All that and more on an all-natural episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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