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Xmas Kids Village Is Ho Ho Horrible

But the good news is there’s free parking!

School holidays can be tough for parents. The kids are at home, bored out of their minds and you need to think of a new activity for them to do every single day. For parents in South Australia, ‘Christmas Kids Village’ seemed like the perfect solution to their irritable child problems. Oh, how wrong they were.

Based on the YouTube video alone it looks like a great time. You have ice skating, a forest of Christmas trees, and a mini polar express.

But if you watch the video closely the cracks start to show….

Wait a second… is that mobility scooter?

This looks a bit unfinished.

Oh my God, Is that Bruce Willis? Wait, no… it’s not.

It all feels a bit dodgy, but some parents got to find out firsthand just how dodgy it really was. Twitter user Tom Tanuki shared some photos from an angry mum, and it truly boggles the mind….

But you might be thinking ‘Hey, leave the organizers alone, they’re trying their best. Sure, they seem to be terrible at creating things, but they just want to bring some Xmas joy into children’s lives’.

Usually, I would agree with you, if the organizers weren’t charging 38 bucks a ticket and 132 bucks per family of four! You are seriously taking the piss charging that much money for what looks like something someone made in half an hour while blindfolded.

The real hero of this whole story is the editor of that video – who somehow made a warehouse of crap craft projects look a half-decent yuletide themed event.

Main Image credit: Tom Tanuki