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The World Can't Believe Americans Are Only Just Discovering Kettles, As They Mock NY Times Article

A New York Times article has lead to a flurry of people around the world mocking how Americans are only just discovering an electric kettle despite everyone elses dependence on the appliance.

A New York Times article has become 'victim' to a bit of online ridiculing after; firstly, the Brits were shocked to discover Americans' lack of knowledge around electric kettles. 

The story, titled "The Best Electric Kettle," was widely shared on Wednesday by British social media users, who poked fun at the idea of the outlet discovering the kettle as a new appliance, as if they were previously unheard of.

The original title of the story, published Friday, was "A swift and easy way to heat water without using a stove." well… yeah. 

The article proceeded to describe the benefits of an electric kettle as if they needed to 'sell' the reader on why an electric kettle could be a good idea for them to purchase. 


"Imagine only just learning about this ... our nation would have collapsed!" a Sky News reporter wrote on social media.


Many Twitter users wondered what else they could discover next, like how to heat rice without a stove or how to control your gun laws.