'I Felt Totally On The Outside': Claire 'Blindsided' By Her Fellow Traitors And Banished

The second Traitor to be revealed to the group, Claire knew her time was up watching her fellow Traitors throw Angus under the bus.

As the Faithful celebrated the fact that they had finally found their first Traitor in Angus, they were desperate to continue the winning streak. With Mark stepping up and taking the lead on the hunt, his sights were set on Claire and -- unbeknownst to him -- Mark had a secret weapon up his sleeve: the other Traitors were willing to throw Claire to the wolves to save their own skin.

Much like she did with Angus, Marielle saw an opportunity to align herself with the Faithful and vote out one of the Traitors in order to hide her own intentions.

Speaking to 10 Play following her banishment, Claire had never even considered conspiring against the other Traitors. "And that is the absolute honest truth. In my head we're Traitors, we work together," she added.

The week prior, Claire was shocked when Marielle flipped her slate over to reveal her vote for Angus.

"That first instance, we went back to Traitors' Tower and I said what are you doing?" Allowing Marielle to explain how her back was up against a wall, Claire conceded that in the game you'll do anything to keep your head above water.

"But then, when she did it a second time I'm like, seriously? That to me was totally foreign."

When the second vote against Angus was happening, Claire said she spoke to both Nigel and Marielle and neither indicated their plans to vote for him.

"I didn't know that Marielle and Nigel had a conversation... I had no idea that was going down. They blindsided me, but that's part of their game," she added.

Keeping Claire out of the loop meant, during the banishment, she spoke in defence of Angus and voted elsewhere. When he was revealed to be a Traitor, Claire was in the spotlight as doubly suspicious, and now it had become apparent that she had no allies to back her up.

"I felt totally on the outside, I felt absolutely that I was by myself. It was really hard but, you know what? I've been through worse. That's why I decided I think I'm by myself on this... I just knew that I had to try and do whatever I could to actually stay in the game."

During what would become her final banishment, the writing was on the wall for Claire but she hoped that her fellow Traitors wouldn't sell her out. At one point, she leaned over to Marielle to ask who she was voting for and if she would be writing Claire's name down. Marielle hesitated to give an answer either way.

"I knew. I knew," Clarie admitted. "I believe so much in honesty and I gave her the opportunity to say actually Claire, I am going to vote for you.

"It was just that opportunity to say I'm being honest with you. Maybe she didn't know she was going to pull through with it, maybe she wasn't 100 percent sure but, in the end, obviously she's going to go with the flow."

The moment she stood in front of the group and revealed her own identity as one of the Traitors, Claire said it felt incredible. As soon as she realised how the vote was going to go, her mind instantly switched to thinking about how she was going to announce it.

"I didn't want to just go up there and go, 'You got me', I wanted to keep them hanging... just a little bit," she said.

Claire's innocence in the game was called into question throughout the experience, with many believing she was even lying about her job working in a supermarket. Many in the game became convinced she was a magistrate.

"There was a mixture of real self-pride because I'm thinking, yes okay I work with kids with disabilities but I do [also] work in a supermarket because I choose to.

"Going into the show, one of the main reasons I went in is because... just because I work in a supermarket doesn't mean I'm stupid, because I'm really not," Claire continued. "A lot of people stereotype through jobs, they automatically think just because you're a lawyer you're super intelligent, but you could be dumb as batsh*t, you just study a lot.

"The reasoning for me worked and proved a point as well, don't assume! Because there's a hell of a lot more to people than what you're looking at."

Thinking back to her time in the game, Claire immediately acknowledged two decisions she would do completely differently. If she had her time again.

"I wouldn't murder Justine," Claire said defiantly, "she actually had my back and was no threat to me whatsoever. The reason why I agreed on the murder of Justine was because Marielle thought Justine suspected her. I agreed [to] help Marielle out, and look where that got me."

Similarly, Olivia's banishment earlier in the week was one that made less sense for Claire's personal game but one for the success of the Traitors overall. "I think in hindsight, Olivia and I may have actually teamed up very well together," Claire admitted.

Despite her game coming to an end Claire said there were no hard feelings -- for Faithful and Traitors alike -- and she'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

"You put life down to experiences, you know? And if you experience both the good and the bad and you come out in the middle somewhere -- you've won."

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