Sam Chooses Her Sweetheart

She dared to put her heart on the line again, and this time Bachelorette Sam Frost got the fairy-tale ending she deserved.

The setting looked spectacular, as did Australia’s first Bachelorette, but nothing beat the sight of Sam Frost finally declaring her love to the man of her dreams - Sasha Mielczarek.

From the first rose to the last, the chemistry between the pair was undeniable. Courting their way through tango dances, first kisses and skydiving, Samsha looked meant to be, making their magical moment on New Zealand’s North Island all the more powerful.

Both Sasha and Michael had earlier taken the opportunity during their solo dates to tell Sam they loved her, but it was Sasha to whom her heart truly belonged. Michael took the heartbreaking news like a gentleman, assuring Sam she had to do what was right for her, though his pain was plain to see.

Once Michael had said his touching goodbye, Sam was left to wait for Sasha’s arrival and the biggest moment of her life. “I feel so blessed that you’re here and I feel so happy,” she told him, holding back tears of joy. “I never thought I was going to find love, Sash, and I love you so much.”

Her perfect sentiment was only echoed by her dream man. “I truly do love you,” said Sasha. “I think you’re an amazing person and I feel so lucky to still be here with you.”

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