EPISODE: 2/174 Minerals

This week on SCOPE we are mad for minerals! We go back to basics to learn about the many minerals that make up our earth, and discover an opalised dinosaur fossil named Eric. We get creative with minerals and make sparkly festive decorations from borax, and then go fossicking in an open mine for mineral-rich thundereggs! 

Back To Basics
Brush up on your basics as Dr Jonathan Tyler, Paleoclimatologist from The University of Adelaide answers all the essentials like; what is a mineral? How is a mineral created? What are minerals used for?

Scope in a Flash: Eric the Pliosaur 
Ted introduces Eric the Pliosaur – a 120 million year old opalised dinosaur fossil discovered in Australia’s Lightning Ridge.

Limestone Cave Upkeep
Explore a cave like never before when Thomas Shortt from Naracoorte Caves shows us how he and his team work to keep these natural wonders in pristine condition.

Experiment: Borax Decorations
Get crafty and creative with minerals as Junior Scientist Erika makes some glittering festive decorations from a borax solution. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.  

Thunderegg Fossick
Fossick for thundereggs and learn about these unique egg-shaped rocks! Pete Ellis, thunderegg expert, takes us to the open mine and into his workshop at Thunderbird Park.

Salt Fields
See how salt is extracted from huge ponds of water when John Bannister from Cheetham Salt gives us a tour of some spectacular salt fields.

For some mineral mayhem join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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