EPISODE: 2/170 Fix-It Science

 For a fast fix of science-y goodness, tune into this episode of SCOPE that’s all about fixing things! Be the first to hear about an underwater robot that can restore damaged coral reefs, explore the workshop of a wooden boat repairer, and join a pooch for a one-of-a-kind rehab session that involves an underwater treadmill! And if you’d like to fancy yourself as a fix-it scientist you won’t want to miss our DIY segment on bike puncture repairs!  

Wooden Boat Repair Workshop
Spend a day at work with Greg Blunt from C Blunt Boatbuilders as he shows us the tricks of his trade in fixing wooden boats.

Scope in a Flash: Coralbot    
Ted reports on an autonomous undersea robot developed at Heriot Watt University that can repair and restore damaged coral reefs.

Learn all about The ReMOTE – CSIRO’s new wearable computer that can help people fix things in remote locations. Join Dr Rob as he meets Principal Scientist Dr Leila Alem and tries the technology for himself!  

Scientist Under The Scope
Meet Sandy Walker, an Industrial Designer at the University of South Australia. Get the lowdown on this savvy scientist and find out how his job involves fixing things, what his favourite piece of technology is and what he loves about science.

Experiment: Bike Puncture Repair  
Try your hand at fix-it science with Junior Scientist Boris as he shows us how to repair a bike tyre puncture. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Underwater Dog Treadmill
Take a walk on an underwater treadmill as Michelle Monk from Dogs in Motion shows how this unique machine can be used to rehabilitate our four-legged friends!

Fix your science cravings and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

Watch Scope Season 2 Episode 170 FIX-IT SCIENCE now!