Scope Season 3 Episode 103 ANIMALS VS SCIENCE


EPISODE: 3/103 Animals vs Science:

Science for the Masses: We take a walk on the wild side this week a with an episode dedicated entirely to animalistic science! We meet Lady Gagantuan; Australia’s largest stick insect, we learn all about the Maori octopus’ camouflage mechanism and we explore how nudibraches are waging chemical warfare on their predators!

Rare Giant Stick Insect: Meet Lady Gagantuan, Australia’s largest stick insect! Measuring in at just over half a meter, this is no small bug! Join Maik Feidel from Museum Victoria as he walks you through the world’s first breeding program for this rare giant of the insect world.

Cane Toad Canapés: Eating cane toads would leave a bad taste in anybody’s mouth! But as Prof Rick Shine from the University of Sydney explains, that bad taste may be the first step in saving many of our native species form this invasive pest!

DIY Science – Plastic Jellyfish: Jellyfish are amazing creatures and have been around on our planet for more than 500 million years! Junior scientist Hayley shows how to make your very own jellyfish … out of plastic!

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Clever Camo Octopus: With a 1.8 meter arm span, Gustav the Maori octopus is one of the largest cephalopods in Australia! But that’s not the only biological feature that makes this marine creature unique. Join Brad Dohnt from Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium as he explains how this clever creature can disguise itself to suit almost any environment.

Nasty Nudibranches: Nudibranches are some of the most colourful creatures in the sea, but if you were to eat one of them you’d be in a lot of trouble! That’s because, as Anne Winters from the University of Queensland explains, these little sea slugs are chock-full of deadly toxins!

All that and more on yet another fascinating episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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