Michael Weatherly Talks, Agent DiNozzo Walks

After 13 years in Anthony DiNozzo’s shoes, Michael Weatherly’s final days spent playing the very special agent are getting closer and closer. (Nooooooo, we’re not readyyyyyy). (Sniff). Taking to Facebook for a special live interview, Weatherly answered the whats, whys and how could yous from fans. Here are the highlights.

NCIS, Season 13, channel ten

On the technology that allowed him to live stream a Facebook interview:

“When I was a kid, we didn’t have any of that. We had sticks and rocks.”

NCIS, Season 13, channel ten

On life after NCIS:

“First of all I’m doing a new show called Bull, which – I do not play Dr Phil. I do not have a bald cap and a big moustache. Phil McGraw is a very very interesting man and I would Google it. Use your device. See all the technology at your fingertips.”

NCIS, season 13, channel ten

On the difficulty playing Dinozzo:

“Zero difficulty. It’s like being a Yankee, you’re just happy to be there…
[Whispers] “The head slaps were kind of hard.”

On other characters he’d have liked to play on the show:

“Don’t really like dead bodies, or science. No. I had the best job.”

NCIS, Season 13, channel ten

On his reasons for leaving:

“Even if you have the best job, sometimes it’s important to realise that you can stay at the party too long. It’s like when you go over to visit your 47 year old friend and you go 'Hey man, where are you living?' And they go, 'Oh I still live with my parents…' So, Tony DiNozzo moves out.”

NCIS, Season 13, channel ten

On the most challenging scenes:

“The most difficult stuff is always – Boss, it turns out the petty officer couldn’t have known the coordinates of the XY chromosomes but we did discover that the lieutenant only knew the petty officer's prior whereabouts when – that kind of stuff.”

NCIS, Season 13, channel ten
NCIS, Season 13, channel ten

On his favourite moment in 13 years:

“Giving Mark Harmon mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

NCIS, Season 13, channel ten

On the best moment to occur while on set:

“One time we were shooting a scene and then Cote de Pablo started chasing me in between set ups, and as I was running, I farted.”

On the questions he would ask Dinozzo at dinner:

How many people have you killed?
What’s with the single bed?
Did you ever hook up with Ziva?

NCIS, season 13, channel ten

On the hardest scene emotionally:

“Saying goodbye to Ziva on the tarmac.”

On whether or not he is a movie buff:

“I like movies but I’m not a buff. Nor am I buff. But I do like to walk around in the buff.”

NCIS, Season 13, channel ten

On whether there will be tears in the finale:

“Yes. Not just a little bit of tears. You might have to see a doctor or an endocrinologist because your tear ducts will be so dried out. I don’t know who you need to see about that? Ear nose and throat? Whoever your guy is, you’re gonna need him.”

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