A Walk Down Abby Road

We don’t want to believe it, but it’s true. After 15 years of crime solving, Caf-Pow guzzling, talking off topic and giving epic hugs all round, Abby Sciuto is flying the NCIS coup. We haven’t been this devo since DiNozzo left. Let's take a look back at the things we loved about our Abby-go-lucky ray of sunshine.

NCIS, Abby, 2018

She Had The Smarts

With her expertise in science, forensics, DNA, biology and computer science, there wasn’t a puzzle too hard for Abby to crack. Even in her very last episode, she was out of a coma and solving the mystery surrounding her brush with death faster than she could get out of her hospital gown. Her never-ending list of talents made her quite possibly one of the most intelligent female characters that has ever graced our screens. Girl power!


Her Obsession With Caf-Pow

“No Caf-pow, no kick!”. It was rare to find Abby without a cup of her favourite caffeinated drink, which got her in the zone for helping solve all those crimes!

NCIS, Abby, 2018

Her Quirky Gothic Style

When you think of a forensic scientist, the last thing that may come to mind is a woman in a black dress, choker and a few visible tats peeping through a white lab coat. Abby oozed quirkiness with her outrageously fun style and signature black pigtails, cementing herself as a goth fashion icon.

NCIS, Abby, 2018

Her Personality

Abby was fascinated with death and the supernormal, yet ironically was one of the happiest members of the NCIS team. She was loved by everyone, especially McGee, which was evident when he refused to leave her bedside in her final episode. Even when she was held at gunpoint, she was kind towards her attacker, offering to talk and help him.


Her Laugh Out Loud One-Liners

“McGee, you look like the top of a wedding cake.”

“McGee, never forget I am one of the few people in the world who can murder you and leave no forensic evidence.”

“I am hugging you all in my mind right now”

NCIS, Abby, 2018

Her Stuffed Toy Hippo, Bert

We loved her toy hippo, Bert, who hilariously farted whenever he was squeezed. He made an excellent pillow and provided hours of endless comfort for Abby when she was stressed and needed a pick-me-up

NCIS, Abby, 2018

Her Father-Daughter Bond With Gibbs

Gibbs may be tough on the outside, but he always had a soft spot for Abby. She was one of the few workers that weren’t scared of him, and they always gave each other the best hugs. He encouraged her Caf-Pow habit by regularly stopping by the office with a large cup of the caffeinated drink, and on several occasions referred to Abby as his “favourite”. He even went as far as to say to Abby’s super crazy ex-boyfriend that "The only reason you're still able to walk is because I never heard about you until today”. Eep, we wouldn’t have wanted to be on the receiving end of THAT line.

NCIS, Abby, 2018

She Forced McGee To Adopt A Dog That Bit Him

Abby once took a liking to a sniffer dog who she named ‘Jethro’ after Agent Gibbs, because she found them to be similar in character. Her landlord didn’t allow her to have pets, so what better way to keep Jethro in the work family by forcing a less than impressed McGee – who was attacked by Jethro upon their first meeting - to adopt him. Bless her black knee-high socks!

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