It’s Official, My Life Is Murder’s Alexa Crowe Is The MVP Of Aussie TV Right Now

Forget Xena (jks, don’t ever do that) Lucy Lawless’ latest female-warrior offering is Alexa Crowe – a former cop-come-private detective with no time for bullshit

She’s sharper and spikier than freshly rolled out barbed wire, more independent than a sovereign state, can solve all the crimes, and, well, she just doesn’t give a flying. She’s constantly hanging up on everyone cause – what? She’s done, man.

If we were to write her a CV, or a school report card - with gifs, we're not animals - it would go like this:

Alexa goes above and beyond in the line of duty. Leaving no stone unturned and not male escort unflirted with.

Alexa is an excellent communicator, particularly when it comes to sleazy, lying gronks.

Her hobbies include baking sourdough.

And she responds well to criticism.

Her dedication to the public interest is at the forefront of everything she does.

She works well as an individual and ... no. That's it.

Alexa may do some really odd shit, but fear not - you're definitely the idiot.

Alexa is a feminist icon and doesn't feel compelled to shave her legs on the off chance she may see a bloke.

She would be an asset to anyone anywhere and this woman crush is currently at mythological proportions.

*Throws razors on the fire*

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