Watch My Life Is Murder On 10 Play Before It Premieres On TV

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Your life is about to get a whole lot more exhilarating because My Life Is Murder officially premieres on Wednesday, 17th July at 8.30 pm on 10. HOWEVER, you can preview it before then on 10 play on Wednesday, July 10 from 12.00pm for 48 hours only.

Complex and confident Alexa Crowe, played by Lucy Lawless, is an ex-homicide detective who’s proud of her work and incredibly good at it. A fearless woman, she acts on instinct, and truth be told, she’s also a bit of a shit stirrer.

She jumps between being deeply empathetic to so blunt, she’s borderline rude, and her sense of humour is irreverent.

So why did this brilliant cop leave the force? Very few people know the full truth about the mystery. What we do know is that her husband, fellow cop Gary, died a few years ago.

Enter Alexa’s former colleague and long-time friend, Detective Inspector Kieran Hussey (Bernard Curry). He figures it’s only a matter of time before she starts sticking her nose into investigations that intrigue her, so he decides to bring her in to ‘consult’ on some of his trickier cases.

Joining Alexa to solve the unsolvable is the bubbly, sarcastic, ambitious and grounded, Madison (Ebony Vagulans). A true extrovert, Madison works as a Data Analyst for the Police and is on hand at Alexa’s call to do what she does best.

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