London Family Advertises New Dog Nanny Job, Paying A Cool $190,000

Who the Kensington-based family are, we have no idea, but naturally, our interest has been piqued.

$190,000? I’ve been looking after my dog for free for years. I would pick up the poop with my teeth for that kind of pay. I’d groom them with my own tongue for that kind of remuneration. I would taste-test their food for them if it meant earning that much money.

Ok, but seriously, what does the job description look like for a nanny to a dog whose family are willing to fork out that sort of cash?

Well, first off, theirs two of them. And usually, that would be a catch, but these are dogs and not kids, so this is an added bonus. Then, and brace yourself for this one, you will be required to not only plan but accompany the pooches on all domestic and international travel.

And, of course, the usual pup administration, such as organising and taking them to the vet for checkups and organising social activities like trips to dog parks and whatever else it is wealthy canines do. Is there a dog cinema? I feel like there’s probably a dog cinema.

Successful applicants will have previous experience in dog handling, of course, but preferably with an ‘ultra-high net worth family or other clients’.

And now, just like you, I’m wondering who this super rich family is who wants to pay a dog nanny so much money. And I’m just as keen to find out if they have children because nothing would amuse me more if they, too, have a nanny, but they pay her like $15 an hour.